Maxine Waters Fights With “The View” Conservative Hosts Over Giving Trump Credit, Leaks – WATCH VIDEO

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Maxine Waters The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Maxine Waters The View Video


Maxine Waters appeared on “The View” on Friday, and clashed with the two conservative co-hosts about giving Donald Trump credit and the ongoing leaks controversy. Check out the video below.

Waters, a California representative, went hard on Trump throughout the two-segment interview. “Not only did I believe he should not be president because he had no good values, I looked around at the people around him. I dubbed them the Kremlin Klan, because they’re all connected to Russia,” she told the panel, going on to say of Trump, “He’s a liar, and will say whatever he needs to say.”

But Jedediah Bila pushed back, arguing that many Trump supporters don’t care about the Russia scandal, and appreciate his work on the economy. Asked if he deserves credit for the stock market highs and unemployment lows, Waters responded bluntly, “Absolutely not.” She went on, “I think that too much credit is given to presidents for about how the markets are working and I don’t think he’s done anything that he can take credit for. I don’t believe he’s had any initiatives, any legislation.”

And of those supporters, Waters said, “You have to determine why they stick with him. They stick with him not because they think he’s going to change government as such. I think they stick with him because he has made them think someone else is responsible for their problems.” Then Paula Faris brought up Trump’s leaked conversations with foreign leaders, and asked if she’s “disturbed” by the leaks .

“No, not at all. I’m so glad they’re telling us what’s going on,” Waters said. Faris argued that those conversations are “confidential” and not for anyone else to hear, prompting the Congresswoman to fire back, “I need to hear these conversations. Unfortunately, this is his problem. He is in a White House where he’s got people working for him that don’t like what he’s doing and they’re trying to tell the American public.”

But Bila backed Faris up, arguing that other countries will think the U.S. has a confidentiality problem and that future presidents will also have to deal with the negative effects of leaks. Waters rejected that. “The leadership starts at the top, and it’s this president that people have no confidence in. They’re undermining him because they want to see him stopped,” she said, insisting, “Not every president would be treated this way… He’s the danger, and they want us to do something.”

And asked if she herself will run for president against him in 2020, Waters declared, “That’s simply a rumor, everybody. I am not running for anything but the impeachment of Trump.” At the end of the interview, the tension subsided as they discussed how Waters has “connected” with millennials, and her “reclaiming my time” moment that went viral. Waters was then surprised by the singer who turned the line into a gospel song. Watch the videos below. NOTE: The videos are no longer available.

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