Matthew Rutler Did NOT Give Christina Aguilera “Marriage Ultimatum”

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Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler Marriage

By Daniel Gates |

Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler Marriage

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Christina Aguilera’s fiancé of one year, Matthew Rutler, has given his Grammy-winning girlfriend a shocking ultimatum,” claims the National Enquirer, which wrongly alleges that Rutler has demanded Aguilera marry him by the end of the summer. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story.

According to sources for the Enquirer, Rutler is “sick and tired of waiting for Christina to make the relationship official.” The magazine says that when Aguilera recently gave an interview in which she said she wasn’t rushing to set a wedding date, Rutler was “steaming.”

A so-called “source” tells the outlet, “Matt was totally insulted by Christina’s public comments on matrimony. He wants a commitment now that they have a daughter. But she says she’s too busy with ‘The Voice,’ recording a new album and producing a new series.” Wow, what an unnatural-sounding quote.

In any case, an Enquirer insider says that things have gotten really bad: “They can’t stop fighting over when — or if — they’ll ever get hitched.” We wonder if this is the same “insider” who mistakenly told the Enquirer the couple was going to get married back in 2013? Or maybe it’s the same source who ridiculously told the outlet that same year that Blake Shelton was “lusting” after Aguilera and imperiling his own marriage to Miranda Lambert?

The Enquirer had terrible sources for stories about Aguilera’s private life then, and the magazine still can’t seem to find anyone who knows what’s going on. A rep for Aguilera tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the Rutler marriage ultimatum story is “b.s.”


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