Matthew Perry Did NOT Suffer Stroke, Despite Report

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Matthew Perry Stroke

By Michael Lewittes |

Matthew Perry Stroke

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Matthew Perry did not suffer a “stroke,” despite an inaccurate and mean-spirited tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabricated claim. We’re told it’s “ridiculous.”

According to the repeatedly discredited National Enquirer, “fans and medical experts” fear Perry “suffered a stroke.” The tabloid alleges that while he recently appeared on “Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” Perry was “slurring his speech and struggling to spit out words.” The magazine then claims that a “Hollywood insider” expressed that “Perry looked awful.”

Gossip Cop is not sure why the tabloid needed a “Hollywood insider” to weigh in on a TV segment that aired nationally and could be seen by all. Anyway, the magazine’s so-called “insider” adds that Perry, who flew in from London for the appearance, had “deep circles under each of his eyes,” and his “hair was combed back, exposing his receding hairline… Everyone is concerned that there’s something seriously wrong.” Again, Gossip Cop is unsure how looking tired and allegedly balding are signs that Perry “suffered a stroke.”

Equally non-authoritatively, the questionable outlet has an unnamed and seemingly untraceable doctor quoted as saying, “If a neurologist was watching Matt on the show, he would have him in the office the next day and put him thought tests, particularly an MRI.” Because his hair might be thinning or he looks exhausted? The absurd tabloid ends its completely speculative and totally manufactured story by once again quoting its supposed “insider” claiming, “Everybody is just praying he’s OK.”

This is not the first Enquirer story Gossip Cop has corrected about Perry, and sadly we suspect it’s not the last either. Like previous tales, including a concocted report about how Jennifer Aniston talked Courteney Cox out of doing Perry’s CBS show, “The Odd Couple,” this yarn is also 100 percent untrue. A rep for Perry simply dismissed the tabloid’s last fabrication as “ridiculous.”


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