Matthew Perry is not putting a Friends reunion in jeopardy as a phony tabloid report is claiming. Gossip Cop has looked into the situation and we can debunk it. There's no truth to it.

It's been 15 years since Friends aired its final episode, and while the stars of the show have gone on to other projects and other successes, fans have clamored for a reunion ever since. Recently, news emerged that some kind of reunion may actually be in the works at HBO Max. NW has taken advantage of this news to invent a story about Perry sabotaging early creative meetings, risking the future of the project.

The six core cast members of the sitcom, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and Perry, are in talks to shoot a reunion special for HBO Max, the new streaming service scheduled to launch in 2020. According to NW, the co-stars supposedly had a "secret late-night meeting" at the HBO Max headquarters to discuss the project, but things quickly went awry.

An anonymous "informant" places the blame on Perry, saying, "Matthew was quick to voice his disappointment with the ideas and told the writers he was 'unimpressed' and 'uninspired' by everything he'd heard." The "source" claims the actor's co-stars didn't back him up, so "Matthew then turned on them for not supporting him and accused them of being more interested in money than giving the fans the best."

From there, the unknown insider claims Perry stormed out of the meeting "in a rage" after accusing the cast of conspiring to make his part smaller, resulting in Schwimmer and LeBlanc suggesting he be written out of the show entirely. "Jen and Lisa were left in tears," adds the seemingly imaginary source. "They were left devastated after the meeting that they thought would get the ball rolling ended up potentially destroying their reunion dream."

Nothing described in the tabloid ever happened. For starters, although the details of the planned Friends reunion haven't been revealed, it's believed to be some sort of retrospective or cast interview. The Hollywood Reporter, which broke the news, noted that the Friends reunion will be unscripted, while People magazine reported "the collaboration would not be a reboot in which the actors reprise their beloved characters." Perry isn't being written out of an unscripted show.

The tabloid clearly has no insight into what is going on with this reunion. The Hollywood Reporter has also noted there's no deal in place yet, and while it seems everyone involved is on board with the idea, nothing is set in stone. Still, Gossip Cop checked with Perry's rep, who tells us on the record that the story is "ridiculous." The actor isn't at odds with the rest of the cast over a script that isn't being written.

It's probably not a good idea to trust NW when it comes to news about the Friends cast. In July, the tabloid published a bogus report alleging Aniston and the rest of the cast were concerned about Perry's sobriety and staging an intervention for him. That article also accused Perry of stalling a Friends reunion, saying his "troubles are one of the reasons" why it hasn't happened. The cast was not even in talks for a reunion at the time.

In June 2018, NW falsely reported that a Friends reunion "could be just days away from being announced" with Aniston leading the charge for the reunion. The tabloid was about 17 months early on anything being announced and based its claim on nothing. The magazine is once again trying to stir up controversy while pretending to have insider information.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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