Matthew Perry NOT “Back On Drugs,” Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Matthew Perry Drugs Scar Cover January 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Matthew Perry Drugs Scar Cover January 2016


Matthew Perry is NOT “back on drugs,” despite an alarming tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the report, which falsely alleges the sober actor has “fallen off the wagon again.”

According to Star, Perry’s absence from the so-called “‘Friends’ reunion'” honoring director James Burrows sparked “concerns” among his “inner circle”… even though everyone knows he couldn’t attend the Los Angeles taping due to a play he is committed to in London. The magazine uses that sensational twisting of the situation to speculate about a new “drug scandal.”

Describing Perry as “looking worse for the wear,” the outlet accuses him of “slurring his words” and having “wild mood swings.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “He hasn’t been himself lately… His excuse is always that he needs more sleep, but some of his friends are saying story doesn’t add up.”

“Every single time he’s relapsed, it started with him behaving erratically, and that seems to be happening again,” claims the supposed snitch. “His friends and family are worried about him.” The article adds, “A few of his nearest and dearest have been concerned enough by the actor’s behavior to broach the subject — but so far he has ignored their pleas.”

Actually, it’s Star’s own story that “doesn’t add up.” Let’s be clear: Any real person truly “concerned” about Perry’s well-being would absolutely NOT be talking about his health with a tabloid. This is also the same gossip rag that wrongly claimed last month that Perry and Courteney Cox were “friends with benefits.” And that allegation isn’t mentioned anywhere in this new piece, even as the outlet speculates that loneliness “could be hurting his recovery.”

But while Perry’s past issues with addiction are no secret, it’s the magazine that currently has a problem. The tabloid doesn’t genuinely care about the star. It just wanted to build a sensational story around Perry missing the TV special, and used his infamous history, which he recently spoke about, to do so. A rep for Perry now tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “There is no truth to the Star report.”


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