Matthew McConaughey Eyeing Wall Street Career?

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Matthew McConaughey Wall Street Career

By Hugh Scott |

Matthew McConaughey Wall Street Career

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A tabloid claims Matthew McConaughey is “obsessed” with the stock market and “eyeing a career on Wall Street.” There’s simply no truth to the story. Gossip Cop can bust it.

The latest issue of NW quotes a “source” as saying that the actor wants to become a stockbroker just like his memorable turn as one in the hit movie The Wolf Of Wall Street. The unfounded report contends that McConaughey “holds six-hour phone conferences with his advisors any time of day or night from wherever he is in the world.”

The questionable source also maintains that McConaughey is so obsessed with becoming a stockbroker that he “drives his wife Camila [Alves] crazy” with his six-hour meetings while he “spends every waking moment pouring over his investments and analyzing trends.” None of this is accurate.

Although the notoriously laid back actor may be keeping an eye on his financial statements, he’s not spending hours upon hours obsessing over it, nor is he considering a career change. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to McConaughey, who wasn’t able to speak on the record, but assures us he’s not spending every waking moment on his stocks, nor is he driving anyone crazy. In reality, the actor is still making movies, with two already released this year and another one in the can for 2020.

The tabloids often make wild claims about actors leaving their profession for another one. Gossip Cop recently busted the National Enquirer for publishing a ridiculous story purporting that Brad Pitt was quitting acting to become a beekeeper. The tabloid claimed Pitt had even built “bee villas” in his backyard. A spokesperson for the actor dismissed the report as “a desperate attempt at a ‘buzz.’”

Last year, Naughty Gossip alleged that Michael Fassbender was quitting movies to become a race car driver. The bogus report was written simply because the actor had spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about his love of racing. At no point did he say he was quitting acting to pursue it full-time.

This isn’t even the first time a tabloid has made up a story about a star ditching the bright lights of Hollywood for the scrolling stock tickers of Wall Street. Earlier this year, Star falsely claimed Edward Norton was quitting acting to become an investor in high-tech ventures, and wanted to become “the next Elon Musk.” Although the actor did launch a data analytics company in 2015, he’s not giving up acting for it. It’s time these tabloids started investing in better sources.


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