Matthew McConaughey Does NOT Own Deer Hunting Ranch, Despite Report

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Matthew McConaughey Deer Hunting Ranch

By Michael Lewittes |

Matthew McConaughey Deer Hunting Ranch

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Matthew McConaughey does NOT own a fenced-in ranch that has received heat for allowing deer hunting, despite a new story published online. Gossip Cop can exclusively report that the Oscar winner is NOT the owner of the property. His rep tells us that the story making the rounds is “totally false.”

On Wednesday, the generally reliable TMZ reported that McConaughey’s “side business [is] letting people onto his property to hunt caged-in animals, and it has enraged animal rights activists.” Despite the site’s claim that the actor owns the Mertzon, Texas ranch, where whitetail deer “can’t run away” from the barrels of hunters’ guns, his rep tells Gossip Cop the ranch is just owned by the star’s brother Mike.

TMZ notes that even though there are 22,000 acres for the animals to roam, animal rights groups say the deer tend to congregate by the “feeding area, which makes them easy targets.” The site even include Facebook postings from angry people who called McConaughey a number of names, including a “F*ING COWARD.” Another commenter wrote, “NO MORE support for you Matthew in anything and everything you do.”

And while Gossip Cop can clearly understand why people would be upset about fenced-in hunting of deer, and just hunting in general, one target should not be McConaughey. His rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively the claim is “Totally false,” adding, “He does NOT own the ranch at all.”


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