Matthew McConaughey Teases “The Dark Tower” On “GMA,” Jokes About Fake News (VIDEO)

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Matthew McConaughey Dark Tower GMA Video

By Shari Weiss |

Matthew McConaughey Dark Tower GMA Video


Matthew McConaughey appeared live on Monday’s “GMA” to tease The Dark Tower, the highly-anticipated film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic book series. The actor also had a laugh about some fake news. Watch the video below!

McConaughey stars as Walter, also known as “The Man In Black,” a sorcerer who wants to reach the tower in order to control different realms. On the morning show, Michael Strahan began the chat by saying the character isn’t “exactly the devil,” but an “evil guy.” “Was it cool to play somebody who was deceptively bad but charming at the same time?” he asked.

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun,” McConaughey replied. “He’s not the devil, but he’s the devil impersonated… The story is I’m trying to bring down this tower that holds the universe together. Idris Elba plays ‘The Gunslinger,’ the last in the line of knights. He’s the only man that can keep the tower from falling and the only guy that can kill me, and you gotta go see the movie to see if he does that. I don’t think he will.”

Of the pressure of bringing King’s story to the big screen, McConaughey said, “He’s got eight books. They’re not the kind you skim. They’re 800 pages. It’s a lot of reading. And people that love these books, I mean, have loved them for decades. So [when] we were going into it, you got the responsibility of the inherent fans of these books, but pretty quickly it got fun.”

“It just got, ‘You know what? This is going to be our incarnation of this. I get to be the author of Walter now. Idris gets to be the author of the Gunslinger,” the actor continued. “And Stephen was very open, was like, ‘Look, now you’re gonna make the movie. I understand it’s different than my books.’ You make it your own based off what Stephen put on the page first and hopefully you put something up there that the die-hard fans are gonna love and go, ‘Hey, that’s the essence of what I loved about the books,’ and also it’s something that if you never read a page of the books, you’re still gonna get to go have a great ride.”

McConaughey also revealed he did a 10-day fast to start slimming down for the role, and went on to laugh with Strahan about a recent fake news story that falsely claimed he was retiring and moving to Idaho. “I heard I have nine kids, too. But far as I know I got three,” he quipped, adding, “No, I really only do have three.” He also assured, “No, I’m not even close to retiring.” Check out the video below!

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