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There aren’t as many actors as closely associated with the state of Texas as Matthew McConaughey. He got his big break in Dazed And Confused and won his Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. He’s even lectured at the University of Texas. Does this love of his home state translate into political ambition? Rumors are running rampant that he may run for governor, so Gossip Cop is investigating.

‘McConaughey’s Texas Two-Step’

According to the National Enquirer in August, “McConaughey is planning to run from Hollywood and run for office in the lone star state.” The Lone Star actor “is getting a crash course in politics” so he can become the governor of Texas. The “pandemic and civil unrest in America… triggered a desire in him to leap into action,’ an insider said.

With McConaughey’s close ties to Texas, and “praise from many for his local charity work,” winning is a real possibility. The tabloid said “he has all the money he needs” and “has had it with Hollywood.” With seemingly nothing left to prove, and with “the endorsement of his wife Camila Alves,” it looks like a career change is imminent.

He Recently Addressed The Rumor

Gossip Cop didn’t have enough information to bust this rumor at the time, but we do now. McConaughey is currently doing press to promote his autobiography Greenlights. He recently went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Colbert asked him about his interest in running for office.

“I have no plans to do that right now,” McConaughey said. He added that he’d be interested in “whatever leadership role I could be most useful in, and I don’t know that that’s politics.” Perhaps his interests could change in the future, but we won’t see Governor McConaughey any time soon, it sounds like.

Not The First Celebrity Governor Story

Gossip Cop busted a story from sister-mag OK! about Jessica Alba running for governor “like Arnold Schwarzenegger did.” It never said what state she was running in, but suffice to say she never ran any political campaigns. Naughty Gossip, which is closely associated with the Enquirer once claimed Teresa Giudice was running for Governor of New Jersey, This never happened either, so this helps us see that this whole running for office story is just a tabloid trope that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Other McConaghey Myths

This tabloid recently said McConaughey was pursuing an entirely different career: host of Jeopardy! A rep for McConaughey debunked this story, telling Gossip Cop “while it's nice, it's not true." This tabloid also claimed the Fool’s Gold star “can't kick his party-hearty ways.” A source close to McConaughey told Gossip Cop that story could not “be further from the truth."

This tabloid has no insight into McConaughey’s ambitions or his personal life. Perhaps he will change his mind and decide to run someday, but that won’t change this story from being bogus.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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