Matt LeBlanc: I Did NOT Tell ‘The Mirror’ I Had “Nervous Breakdown”

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Matt LeBlanc Mirror Nervous Breakdown

By Shari Weiss |

Matt LeBlanc Mirror Nervous Breakdown

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Matt LeBlanc is denying the legitimacy of a purported interview with The Mirror, in which he supposedly said he had a “nervous breakdown” after the end of “Friends” and its short-lived spinoff, “Joey.”

On Friday, The Mirror published the interview in question online. In it, LeBlanc was quoted as saying, “For years and years, I barely left the house. I was burnt out. I wanted to not have a schedule, not be somewhere. I was in a position to do that. My agent was bummed. Most actors call their agents and say, ‘What’s going on?’ I’d call mine and say, ‘Please lose my number for a few years’. It was a very dark time. I almost had a nervous breakdown.”

The interview also features alleged quotes from LeBlanc about his daughter, his drinking, and his career evolution. But the actor took to Twitter on Sunday night to claim the chat isn’t authentic. “Hey, to clarify, I never had a nervous breakdown nor did I do an interview with the Mirror in the UK,” tweeted LeBlanc.

He added, “So don’t believe the hype. But thanks.” The Mirror has not commented on the star’s claims, but a source close to the situation suspects the British tabloid “pulled old quotes and embellished them.” Asked for further comment, a rep for LeBlanc tells Gossip Cop point-blank, “He never spoke to them and never had a nervous breakdown.”


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