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Matt Lauer is not writing a $12 million tell-all about the "Today" show and other men accused of misconduct, despite a tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue report. There is no such book currently in the works.

But the new cover ofIn Touch is blaring, "'Today' In Turmoil! Matt's Revenge!" According to the gossip magazine, the former host of the NBC morning show is "telling all for millions of dollars, and no one is safe." It's alleged this supposed tell-all will be "about his time at NBC and getting revenge on those who he feels wronged him." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Matt will name powerful men he knows, some famous, who did the same thing he did."

"He will expose people. He knows all their dirty secrets. Everyone was sleeping with each other," claims this supposed source, who further contends to the outlet, "He'll also write about his colleagues — Katie, Savannah, Hoda, Al, Ann — and be honest about the ones who stood by him and the ones who didn't." This purported tipster even maintains Megyn Kelly will "get her own chapter, for sure."

At the same time, the publication's alleged snitch asserts Lauer will "get into the specifics of his misconduct over the years at NBC," as "he realizes that the juicier the story, the bigger the payday." Strangely, the "insider" also claims, "The plan is that this becomes the catalyst for Matt's career recovery." Gossip Cop isn't sure how trying to get "revenge" on others and spilling their "dirty secrets" would help his career recover.

It also doesn't make sense that the tabloid alleges Lauer will "need whatever cash he makes from the book" or that its source claims he's "panicking about money." Yes, he is "out of one of the highest-paying jobs in broadcast journalism," but Lauer owns multiple homes worth millions of dollars, on top of what he has in the bank, he and his family are set for life. The magazine further wrongly declares, "So at this point, he has nothing to lose by telling all."

He could actually lose a lot. Gossip Cop hears his exit agreement with NBC News includes a non-disparagement clause, which would certainly limit what he can discuss in a book. And it makes little sense to suggest he would want to open himself up to litigation. Lauer already may be in enough legal trouble, should any of his alleged victims decide to file suit.

It's also worth remembering that In Touch is the same outlet that last March falsely claimed Lauer was getting divorced and replaced on the "Today" show. In truth, NBC had every intention of keeping its biggest star for the duration of his contract, and potentially longer, until the sexual misconduct allegations emerged months later. And nearly a year has gone by since that cover story, but Lauer remains married. Clearly, the publication's reporting on the TV personality has been a bit off, to say the least.

It is possible Lauer will end up a single man. It is possible that, at some point down the line, he'll write a soul-searching memoir. But there's no $12 million revenge-fueled tell-all currently in the works, Gossip Cop is assured.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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