Matt Lauer “Replaced” By Megyn Kelly Cover Story Is Fake News

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Matt Lauer Replaced Megyn Kelly

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Matt Lauer Replaced Megyn Kelly

(In Touch)

Matt Lauer has not been “replaced” by Megyn Kelly, contrary to a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can separate the fake news from the real news in this sensational and misleading report.

Before even delving into this latest In Touch cover story, it’s important to note that this is the same tabloid that wrongly claimed in January that Lauer and Kelly were in a feud. Then in February, the gossip magazine falsely alleged Lauer was “dumped” at the “Today” show in favor of Kelly. Both of those were made-up cover stories.

Now here we are in April with the third installment of this untrue saga, which appears to be wholly manufactured by the publication. The headline in the latest edition announces, “Shakeup At The ‘Today Show’: Matt Replaced By Megyn.” As evidence, the magazine points to speculation that Vladimir Putin is being courted for an exclusive sit-down with Kelly. A so-called “network insider” maintains to the outlet that Lauer “would have gotten that interview,” if it weren’t for his new colleague.

“She’s not only replaced him in the interview but as top dog at the network,” contends the magazine’s source. But what’s particularly eyebrow raising is that while other outlets have suggested Kelly could be in line for a Putin interview, the tabloid actually takes its assertion even further, outrageously claiming it would be a “joint” interview with Putin AND President Donald Trump. Say what?!

Despite concerns about Trump maybe having ties to Russia, it’s completely preposterous to allege the president may do a joint sit-down with the leader of an enemy nation. What’s even more absurd, though, is In Touch pretending to have such a scoop. That’s right. None of the established news magazines or respected political reporters and pundits have this. The tabloid that blared in 2014 that Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye West was “over after 58 days” busted wide this supposed bombshell.

With that in mind, it’s hard to take any of the gossip outlet’s specious claims seriously. Despite the tabloid’s dramatic characterization that Kelly’s “in” and Lauer’s “out,” the veteran anchor remains the face of “Today” and, in large part, NBC News. That is not changing. He will continue to nab big interviews, and Kelly will snag some of her own, too. The notion that Lauer has been “replaced,” says an extremely well-placed NBC News insider, is “totally false.” And as for the contention that there will be a joint Putin and Trump interview, and that it will be conducted by Kelly, our impeccable source calls it “laughable.” What’s not laughable is charging people $3.99 for fake news and pretending it’s journalism.