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Is Matt Lauer “scheming” to get revenge on his former Today costars Megyn Kelly, Savannah Guthrie, Katie Couric, and Kathie Lee Gifford with a “blistering” tell-all spilling their “dirtiest and most shameful secrets?” That’s the story one tabloid recently pushed. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and belive that the truth was likely far more complicated.

Matt Lauer Hitting Back At Former Colleagues?

“Scorned” Matt Lauer is planning to “destroy his enemies” according to the Globe, and Kelly, Couric, Gifford, and Guthrie should be especially worried since they’ve made the list. It will be three years this November since the former Today anchor lost his long-held job on the news show after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against him.

Lauer has denied any wrongdoing, and now, after “stewing in silence” for the last three years, the disgraced anchor is “coming out with guns blazing,” according to sources who spoke to the tabloid. Savannah Guthrie is supposedly one of Lauer’s biggest targets, the source confides, saying,

He’s preparing to dish the dirt on Savannah, whom he detests with a passion and believes was one of the biggest colleagues to stab him in the back behind the scenes.

Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie attend the performance by Cher on NBC's Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza
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She’s not the only one allegedly in Matt Lauer’s crosshairs. Former news anchor turned podcast host Megyn Kelly “will be branded as a ruthless social climber and a hypocrite,” the source reveals. Lauer also has “it in for Katie and even Kathie Lee should be worried.” No word on what Lauer has on any of these ladies, though it is interesting that this tabloid would specifically single out so many of Lauer’s former female colleagues in this piece.

Regardless, the source insists that Lauer has been “waiting for the right moment to strike” for the last three years and “now he’s finally ready!” Yes, right when everyone kind of began to forget about Lauer and the disturbing crimes he’s been accused of. As for what form this so-called “revenge” will take, the insider knows all about it. Or knows something. Unless it’s something different,

It’ll be an in-depth memoir or, at the very least, a savage tell-all of some form,

the source explained, though even they didn’t sound convinced. Whatever form it takes, the source insists that it will be full of juicy details since Matt Lauer has had so much time, and so much material, to prepare with.

He’s been going through his personal diaries and emails with a fine-tooth comb to compile stories and anecdotes that will prove many of his so-called clean-living colleagues were dirty as hell!

Matt Lauer attends a Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna event in a blue suit
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In conclusion, the source proclaimed, “His biggest hope is that the people who turned on him suffer like he’s done - and Matt’s not going to rest until that’s fulfilled!” This is incredibly unlikely for a number of reasons, one of which the tabloid’s source even directly mentions.

At the tail end of the piece, the suspicious insider admits that “some think [Lauer’s] revenge book could backfire because it’ll dredge up his disgusting behavior again.” Honestly, this whole article just seemed to be an excuse for the Globe to “dredge up” this incident again.

Gossip Cop's Take

Just what could Matt Lauer stand to gain from writing a memoir, or tell-all of “some form?” Especially one attacking his colleagues, who enjoy quite a bit more popularity than Lauer these days. Any secrets he has about his former Today colleagues would need to be very, very scandalous indeed in order for them to top what Lauer has already been accused of. This is yet another fake story of “revenge” from the Globe, which has a history of making such bombastic, but ultimately baseless allegations.

This same tabloid once claimed that Megyn Kelly was planning to exact revenge against executives at both NBC and Fox News, which has yet to come to pass, proving Gossip Cop’s reporting that the story was completely false. Kelly has definitely moved on with her career and seems more interested in what’s next for her career than where it’s been.

Megyn Kelly in a red dress attends 2018 Time 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center
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It also claimed Lori Loughlin was writing a revenge tell-all about all the celebrities who shunned her after news broke of her involvement in the college admissions scandal. Gossip Cop reached out to Loughlin’s spokesperson, who told us the claims were “ridiculous.” Obviously, this tabloid has an issue with telling the truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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