Matt Lauer Wears High Heels On “Ellen DeGeneres Show” – WATCH VIDEO

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Matt Lauer High Heels Ellen DeGeneres

By Michael Lewittes |

Matt Lauer High Heels Ellen DeGeneres


Matt Lauer got a foot up on Ellen DeGeneres in their prank war. As Gossip Cop reported, last week DeGeneres broke the truce the two had called when she digitally altered footage of the “Today” show anchor rubbing Adele’s hand across his face during an interview. And even though DeGeneres, once again, manipulated footage, this time to make Lauer look like he wears women’s shoes, when appearing on her Monday show the veteran newsman outdid the talk show host. See the video below.

In her latest stunt, DeGeneres showed footage of the “Today” show anchor answering a number of personal questions on the morning show, including his colleague Tamron Hall asking, “Why can’t you stop wearing brown shoes?” But thanks to DeGeneres’ digital trickery, the camera then panned down to Lauer wearing brown, sequined, opened-toe stilettos.

Lauer, however, took the prank one step further (in those stilettos) by appearing on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” in the same high-heels, much to the surprise and amazement of the talk-show host. “Wow, you look good,” said DeGeneres to Lauer, who responded that “the joke’s on you, Ellen, cause I actually own those pumps.”

DeGeneres noted that even she couldn’t have walked across her stage in those high-heels, but Lauer cracked, “This is not my first rodeo in pumps.” He then took her to task for swearing the prank war was over and instead continuing to make him into an “S&M icon,” with her manipulated footage of him dress in leather and pasties.

The two went on to discuss some of the pranks they’ve pulled on each other, including Lauer filling DeGeneres’ car with 20,000 ping pong balls, and taking out billboards all over L.A. showing her butt crack for a fake ad that read, “Need a plumber?” alongside the number 1-844-Ellen-4-U.

DeGeneres then suggested, “We won’t do anymore to each other,” to which Lauer said, “Why would I believe you?” But she explained that instead they could “channel our energy, and we go after someone together, someone else.” When Lauer asked, “Who should we go after?” DeGeneres decided they’ll both target “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon.

Check out the video below of Matt Lauer and Ellen DeGeneres discussing their prank war before deciding to end it and instead team up to go after Jimmy Fallon.


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