Matt Lauer Feud With Al Roker Is Fake News

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Matt Lauer Feud Al Roker

By Michael Lewittes |

Matt Lauer Feud Al Roker

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Matt Lauer is not “feuding” with Al Roker, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively shoot down this fake news story. We know from personal experience, as well as from numerous sources at NBC, that this is not true.

The claim comes from RadarOnline, which has published a number of inaccurate stories about “Today” show personalities over the years. The newest article alleges that Roker and Lauer “act like great buddies on camera, but behind the scenes their relationship is riddled with bitterness and hard feelings.” The report, however, offers no concrete proof, and instead lists a number of jokes Roker has made about Lauer on-air.

A so-called “insider” then alleges that Lauer is “thin-skinned,” and “Al needles Matt, but many times, Matt can’t take the joke, and it creates bad blood.” And even though the outlet quotes Lauer as saying that he and Roker are “dear friends,” its supposed “source” dismisses it as “baloney.” That same misinformed “source” maintains that the two colleagues are pretending to be friendly because they “know they need each other for ‘Today’ to be a success.”

Before launching Gossip Cop, this founder of the site worked for many years at NBC and observed two longtime colleagues who truly care for each other. It’s true Roker and Lauer poke fun of one another, but they do it in way that only friends can. In fact, we remember being at Lauer’s 2008 Friars Roast at the Hilton Hotel in New York, where Roker was the Roastmaster. They hurled insults and jokes at one another, but at the end of the afternoon affair, it was clear the two are indeed dear friends.

Still, despite our personal knowledge and RadarOnline’s history of publishing inaccuracies about some of the “Today” show’s talent, we still checked in a number of sources connected to the two men. Every single insider we spoke to disputed the website’s story. And one particularly high-level source unequivocally assured Gossip Cop that the article’s claims were “not true” and “garbage.”

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