“Celebrity Apprentice” Winner Is…

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Celebrity Apprentice Winner 2017Celebrity Apprentice Winner 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Apprentice Winner 2017Celebrity Apprentice Winner 2017


The winner of “The New Celebrity Apprentice” was announced by Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end of Monday’s season finale. Find out who won below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Brooke Burke and Laila Ali were fired on last week’s episode, leaving Matt Iseman and Boy George as the final two. For their last task, they each had to create an ad campaign for Carnival Cruises, host a party, and stage a variety show. They would be judged on overall brand integration, creativity, guest experience, and money raised through ticket sales.

Carnie Wilson, Carrie Keagan and Kyle Richards came back to help Iseman, while Boy George was assisted by Ali, Carson Kressley, and Porsha Williams. And, as seen on the first half of the challenge, which aired last Monday, each finalist struggled in his own way. Iseman feared his ad campaign wasn’t creative enough, and Boy George clashed with the keyboardist hired by producers to help perform a song the singer wrote for his presentation.

Now on the finale, Boy George had the musician fired and meshed well with the replacement. The show then skipped over the remaining prep and went right to the cocktail parties. Boy George embraced a “sanctuary” theme, which rival Iseman thought was too tranquil. In fact, he actually had animals at his party to represent global locales and gave out faux passports.

Iseman was “elated” when donors showed up with big bucks, including one who brought a check for $100,000 and another who gave a $210,000 donation. Boy George fretted over his own donations, and panicked when big donor Caitlyn Jenner was initially MIA. She finally arrived with a $90,000 check in hand. (Last year, Gossip Cop busted Star for falsely claiming Jenner “snubbed” Boy George.)

Iseman was the first to seize Schwarzenegger’s attention when he entered the competing bashes, and the first to entertain the crowd with an “Arnold” impression. He shared a moving story about why he was raising money for the Arthritis Foundation, and then welcomed a performance from Wilson Phillips. It was all a hit.

When it was Boy George’s turn, Kressley kicked things off as the “cruise director,” and went right into showing off their myth-busting ad campaign. Boy George then performed his original song, which was inspired by the “joy” of Carnival Cruises. That gave way to a performance from Natasha Bedingfield. The vibe was different from Iseman’s, but still, it all seemed to go over well, particularly when Boy George sang “Karma Chamelon” with Bedingfield and Mel B.

But then it was back to the boardroom, where Schwarzenegger praised his finalists’ “competitive spirit.” Naturally, both were championed by the eliminated contestants. And Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger commended Boy George for his event’s lineup, while Tyra Banks cheered Iseman’s speech about battling arthritis.

It was then revealed the Carnival execs were “impressed” with Boy George’s presentation, thought the ad campaign was “on point,” and the variety show was “phenomenal.” They also thought Iseman was “engaging,” “loved” the party and the passport concept, and overall felt he “stayed on theme.” Meanwhile, it was announced Boy George raised $445,925 while Iseman brought in $573,329.

Schwarzenegger again had high praise for both contestants and said it would be a “really difficult” decision to choose a winner because it was “dead even” between them. Iseman and Boy George each gave final pitches for why they should be the “Celeb Apprentice.” After that, Schwarzenegger announced, “I just have to say that Matt, you are the new Celebrity Apprentice.”

Iseman WON! His reaction: “Thank you, Governor! When do we start?” he asked in delight. Iseman went on to celebrate with his former competitors, amusingly saying, “I hope Arnold really gives me a job.” Well, he at least gets another $250,000 for his charity. The end!

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