Matt Damon: “I’m Taking A Year Off” From Movies – Watch “Today” Show Video

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Matt Damon Year Off Today Show

By Shari Weiss |

Matt Damon Year Off Today Show


Matt Damon said on Thursday’s “Today” show that he needs a break from making movies and will be taking a year off. Check out the video below.

Damon was on the morning program to promote Jason Bourne, which hits theaters on Friday. The actor last played the iconic character 10 years ago, so naturally, Hoda Kotb asked what brought him back to the role. “It was that thing of people coming up, and they would do it to me and they would do it to Paul Greengrass, the director,” Damon said of being approached by fans.

“After years of that, it gets humbling,” he continued. “I’ve certainly made a lot of movies that nobody went to see, so when you have a loyal audience that’s asking for something, at a certain point we looked at each other and said let’s get off our high horse and do it.”

Damon went on to acknowledge how much the world has changed over the last decade, and laughed when considering his own age. “I’m 45. I started doing these I was 29. All that [physical] stuff came a lot easier,” he told Kotb. And though he had to “suffer” to get back into shape for the new installment, Damon declared, “I’m so grateful that this role came into my life.”

But the future is very much up in the air. “I took a bunch of roles in a row. I’ve done four straight movies in a row and I have one more to go,” Damon said, noting he’s “dragged” his wife and kids “all over the world.” He went on, “They’re really good sports. They’re great travelers. But I’m excited to finish out this year of work and take a year off and be at their behest for once.”

Watch the full interview below.


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