Matt Damon Did NOT Get Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner “Back Together,” Despite Report

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Matt Damon Back Together Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck

By Michael Lewittes |

Matt Damon Back Together Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck

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Matt Damon did not help Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner get “back together,” despite an entirely made-up report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fake news story. We’re told it’s a “pack of lies.”

According to the often discredited HollywoodLife, Damon is “the one who made it all happen,” getting Garner and Affleck to “reunite.” The sloppy fabricators at the site then have a so-called “source” quoted as saying in impossibly fake language, “Ben Affleck, 44, is kind of thinking over everything in his life right now, whether it is being Batman, his marriage with Jennifer Garner, 44, or his other career goals.” The same clearly connected “source,” who bizarrely throws in the stars’ full names and ages, adds, “The one thing that is constant with Ben, though, is Matt Damon, 46. He has leaned on Matt for so many things and they have talked about marriage and family constantly.” HollywoodLies, as it is deservedly nicknamed, then has its manufactured “source” conclude, “Matt always gives the advice of staying together and Ben takes Matt’s input to heart.”

Show of hands of those who believe the repeatedly disgraced site’s latest story? No one? We thought so. Here is what’s going on: People magazine published a story that incorrectly claimed Affleck and Garner had called off their divorce and were working things out. HollywoodLies then seemingly tried to poach the other outlet’s information, and added a unique angle to it, and so it apparently came up with Damon helping Garner and Affleck get “back together.” But none of it is true.

An impeccable source close to Affleck and Garner tells Gossip Cop they have not reconciled. Additionally, a Damon insider, who didn’t mention anyone’s ages, assures us the webloid’s article is simply a “pack of lies.”

Of course, we’re not remotely surprised by this since Gossip Cop has caught the untrustworthy site publishing a slew of falsehoods. Among the gems were the many stories in 2015 in which we busted the outlet for wrongly reporting Garner was pregnant with her and Affleck’s fourth baby. The clueless site said at the time, “Even though they’re going through a divorce, Jen is pregnant for the fourth time,” and even reiterated, “Jen is 100% pregnant.” Much like that provably fabricated tale, this latest article is yet another fake news story from HollywoodLife.