Matt Damon And Christian Bale Hate Each Other?

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Christian Bale and Matt Damon arrive at the premiere of Fox's "Ford V Ferrari" at the TCL Chinese Theatre

By Andrew Shuster |

Christian Bale and Matt Damon arrive at the premiere of Fox's "Ford V Ferrari" at the TCL Chinese Theatre

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Matt Damon and Christian Bale don’t secretly hate each other, despite a ridiculous tabloid report. There’s no feud between the Ford v Ferrari co-stars. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim otherwise.

According to the Globe, however, the two movie stars have never gotten along and nearly got into a fist fight while filming their new movie. “It was a miracle they didn’t end up punching each other out,” an alleged source tells the magazine. The root of their supposed issues is said to be “different acting styles and personalities,” as Bale “takes himself very seriously,” while his co-star “is the complete opposite; he’s fun-loving and likes to crack jokes.”

The questionable tipster adds, “They were never going to become pals, and Christian didn’t care for any goofing around on set. He was always incredibly focused. He fumed while Matt fooled around and gave him an earful that he wasn’t taking the job seriously enough.” Another alleged issue, according to the publication, is that Damon’s buddy Ben Affleck took over the Batman role from Bale. “Matt always brought up the Batman beef and made fun of him,” adds the seemingly imaginary source.

From there, the “insider” maintains that the feud will only get worse since both Damon and Bale may be battling for Best Actor at the Oscars. “Christian took on his role very differently to Matt and thinks he did a better job,” adds the unknown tipster.

The tabloid’s story is baseless and there’s zero proof to back it up. However, there’s a plethora of evidence showing the two stars got along great during filming and have nothing but admiration for one another. Damon and Bale spoke about working together for the first time in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times. Damon actually commended his co-star’s dedication to his craft, despite the tabloid claiming Bale’s intensity caused a rift. Damon said working with his co-star was “inspiring,” and added, “You can see the meticulous attention to detail in everything he’s doing. You’re looking at a fully built mechanism, and it’s awesome.” Bale added of his co-star, “I’d bloody admired him for years.”

In another interview with CBS News, Bale explained that he and Damon had crossed paths for years prior to working together. “I am very grateful to Matt because I wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for roles he passed on,” Bale said. Damon passed on the role in The Fighter for which Bale took home the Oscar. There was also a recent GQ interview in which the co-stars teased each other, as friends do. After the playful ribbing – which doesn’t go on between two people who truly dislike each other – Bale suggested that Damon would make a good director, and Damon said he’d consider it if Bale starred in the movie. Those were just examples of the pair’s camaraderie in print interviews. One can watch virtually any video from the Ford v Ferrari promo tour to see that the two stars have great chemistry.

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a joint spokesperson for both Damon and Bale, and we’re assured the tabloid’s feud report is complete “nonsense.” Back in 2018, when Ford v Ferrari was still in production, the Globe’s sister publication, Life & Style, made up a similar story about Damon and Bale feuding on set. The claim wasn’t true then and it’s no more accurate now that the movie has hit theaters.


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