Matt Damon Turning His Back On Ben Affleck?

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Matt Damon in a black jack and white tee shirt next to a photo of Ben Affleck in a grey suit

By Hugh Scott |

Matt Damon in a black jack and white tee shirt next to a photo of Ben Affleck in a grey suit

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A year ago today, a tabloid reported Matt Damon was turning his back on Ben Affleck. Predictably, the story was completely bogus. Gossip Cop busted the article then and we can back up out reporting with even more evidence today.

On November 8, 2018, RadarOnline alleged Damon was distancing himself from Affleck following his lifelong buddy’s stint in rehab. A so-called “insider” told the blog, “After being dragged down by his close association with Ben… Matt is making a real effort to fix his good name.” The outlet then insisted that Damon would only allow people with clean-cut images into his social circle. It was a completely ridiculous article.

Had the outlet bothered to do even the minimal amount of research, it would have seen that just days earlier, the two friends had attended a World Series game in Los Angeles, where they cheered on their home team, the Boston Red Sox. Gossip Cop also pointed out that the far more reliable People magazine reported that Damon would “always be there” for Affleck amid his addiction struggles. In the 365 days since that bogus report, more news has emerged that makes the blog’s story look even worse.

In July, the duo announced they were teaming up again for a movie. Damon and Affleck are co-starrring in the revenge thriller The Last Duel, which they also co-wrote together. Just two days ago, while promoting his upcoming film Ford V. Ferrari, Damon spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Affleck’s recent sobriety setback. “He’s looking great, and he’s doing great,” Damon said.

This is all devastating news for the online tabloid’s narrative, which is one it’s been pushing for a long time. In April 2018, RadarOnline falsely alleged Damon had “banned” Affleck from his life. That story followed the same faulty premise, with the headline, “Matt Bans Bloated Bestie Ben From His Life Amid Bad Boy Behavior.” Like the more recent story, it focused on Damon abandoning their friendship in order to improve his public image, despite nothing about his friendship with Affleck harming it. Gossip Cop corrected the blog for its poor reporting.

Gossip Cop busted the website again in August 2018, shortly after Affleck checked into rehab, for a phony story about Damon “dumping” Affleck amid the “rehab drama.” For most of 2018, RadarOnline pushed this fictional account of the pair’s friendship, and each time, Gossip Cop called out the blog for its nonsense. It’s obvious the outlet has no insight into Affleck and Damon’s lifelong bond.


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