Matt Damon, Alicia Vikander “Today” Show Video: Watch “Jason Bourne” Interview!

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Matt Damon Alicia Vikander Today Show Video

By Shari Weiss |

Matt Damon Alicia Vikander Today Show Video


Matt Damon and Alicia Vikander opened up about making Jason Bourne on Thursday’s “Today” show. Check out the video below!

At the start of the interview, Damon was asked “what took so long” for him to reprise his most famous role. “Well, we didn’t have a story,” he said, prompting a nod from director Paul Greengrass, who joined the stars for the chat. “We didn’t have a story, and we didn’t want to force something that wasn’t there. That’s why it took nine years to get here.”

Damon joked that he was “like her age,” referring to 27-year-old Vikander, when he made the first film. Now 45, he admittedly had to get back in shape to play the fit-as-ever Bourne. Meanwhile, Vikander stars as a CIA hacker, and acknowledges “the big mystery” is whether she’s good or bad. Damon was particularly thrilled to have the Oscar winner on board, noting, “Everyone in Hollywood is trying to get her in their movie right now.”

When asked about making one more installment, Damon and Vikander both amusingly pointed to Greengrass, leading him to hilariously announce, “Don’t look at me! I’m going on holiday!” As it turns out, Damon has an idea for the “old” Jason Bourne. Watch below to find out what it is!


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