Matt Bomer To Impostor: Stop “Making Up Details Of My Life” On Fake Facebook Account

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Matt Bomer fake Facebook

By Minyvonne Burke |

Matt Bomer fake Facebook

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Matt Bomer does NOT have a Facebook account. The Magic Mike star took to Twitter on Wednesday to lash out at the impostor who created a fake profile and has been posting made-up stories about him. “For the record I don’t have a Facebook account so whoever is responding to people, and making up details of my life please stop. Thanks!” tweeted Bomer.

While it’s not clear what fake details Bomer is talking about, Gossip Cop has busted numerous false reports about the actor, including a 2012 rumor that he was cast as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Shades of Grey. The bogus rumor was, ironically, started by a fake Entertainment Weekly cover.

Unfortunately, Bomer isn’t the only celebrity who’s had to deal with fake social media accounts. Sophia Bush penned a long note back in January after she found out impostors had a created fake Facebook and Instagram accounts under her name and were using them to connect to fans. Bush apologized to everyone who had been duped by the faux accounts, and said it was “cruel” and “creepy” someone was impersonating her on social media.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher also faced something similar last year when someone kept uploading intimate lovey-dovey photos of the pair on two separate fake Instagram accounts.

Guess Gossip Cop should no longer be impressed that Bomer keeps liking our stories on Facebook.


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