“Mary Poppins” Sequel: Fans React To New Movie Plans

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mary poppins sequel

By Jesse Spero |

mary poppins sequel

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A sequel to Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Returns, was announced on Tuesday and now fans of the beloved story are reacting to the news.

Disney revealed plans for a follow-up installment starring Emily Blunt as the singing, flying British nanny, with Hamilton mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda playing a new character, Jack, who is a street lamplighter. The movie, which will be set in Depression-era London, will take elements from author P.L. Travers’ other novels penned about the character. Disney’s original film, with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, debuted in 1964 and went on to win five Oscars.

But it’s because that movie is so loved that many fans have taken to Twitter to slam the proposed sequel. User @1DStalker wrote, “I’ve just seen that a Mary Poppins sequel has been confirmed and I shall now be logging off bc I am DONE WITH THE WORLD.” Original film fan @MarcoCiappelli declared, “Mary Poppins sequel? No, No, NO! Leave the CLASSICS alone; they are perfect as they are.” User @Zofcu concurred, tweeting, “I DO NOT want Mary Poppins sequel. Julie Andrews is the one and only Mary Poppins and nothing will change that.” Fellow Andrews devotee @HaylesAtwell expressed, “Julie Andrews is the one and only Mary Poppins you can’t mess with that.”

While some fans expressed outrage about the sequel, others were delighted with the news. User @miriamz23 wrote, “FINDING OUT ABOUT LIN BEING IN MARY POPPINS JUST MADE MY DAY WOW.” Equally thrilled user @exptygxld shared, “can u believe lin manuel miranda and emily blunt are gonna be in mary poppins i love everything.” @iamshaykeys also tweeted, “Lin Manuel being casted in Mary Poppins is a win for our culture!”

And some users actually feared something dire had happened when they saw the film’s title trending. @golightlyholly2 wrote, “When Julie Andrews is trending and you check the hashtag and thank GOD that it’s just because of Mary Poppins Returns!” @MsEltonJohn assumed the worst, writing, “I thought Mary Poppins was trending because Julie Andrews died. Twitter trauma!!” One confused user, @matthewsprinks, also shared, “why is mary poppins trending I hope she’s okay and not dead.”

Gossip Cop can confirm Andrews is alive and well, but there’s no word yet on how she feels about the sequel. Mary Poppins Returns is slated to debut in theaters on December 25, 2018.

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