Mary-Kate Olsen NOT Pregnant, Despite Report Claiming Ashley Is Jealous Of Sister Having Baby

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Mary Kate Olsen Pregnant Ashley Jealous

By Andrew Shuster |

Mary Kate Olsen Pregnant Ashley Jealous


Mary-Kate Olsen is not pregnant, despite a bogus tabloid report claiming Ashley Olsen is jealous of her twin sister supposedly having a baby. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story. We’re told it’s simply inaccurate.

The latest issue of Star says Mary-Kate and her husband of two years, French financier Olivier Sarkozy, are ready to start a family. The fashion designer’s sister, however, allegedly isn’t happy about it. A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “They’ve been at each other’s throats and fighting over the littlest things ever since Mary-Kate broke the news to Ashley that she and Olivier are trying for a baby.”

The outlet’s questionable insider goes on to say that Mary-Kate’s friends “wouldn’t be surprised if she’s expecting” already because she supposedly appears to have a “baby bump” as of late. “Ashley is so used to them doing everything together,” adds the suspicious tipster. “I’m sure she thought they’d also get pregnant at the same time.”

The “source” further contends that Ashely would likely bail on her sister’s baby shower because “it would just be a reminder of everything her sister has that she doesn’t.” As the story goes, Ashley’s love life is also a mess, which has been an additional “source of tension” between the twins. “With all the talk of a baby on the way, it’s only getting worse,” adds the seemingly phony insider.

But Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for the Olsen twins, who exclusively assures us “none of it is true.” Mary-Kate isn’t expecting a child, and Ashley isn’t envious of a baby that’s not on the way. Also, the sisters and have a very close relationship. Just last week, Mary-Kate and Ashley hosted a New York Fashion Week event to debut the latest collection for their fashion line The Row. Photos from the event even show the sisters happily chatting with each other. Regardless, we’re told there’s no feuding going on between the two.

Gossip Cop also understands that the Olsen girls are very supportive of each other, so should Mary-Kate get pregnant sometime in the future, her sister would only be happy for her. Basically, Star decided to concoct a tall tale combining an imaginary pregnancy and nonexistent sibling rivalry. There’s no truth to any of it.