WATCH: SNL Opens With Martin Luther King, Jr. Learning About Black And White Relations Today (VIDEO)

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Martin Luther King SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Martin Luther King SNL


The opening of “SNL” this Saturday was about Martin Luther King, Jr. and how kids today don’t know much about the slain civil rights leader. The sketch also mocked racial relations today. The premise was a kid (Peter Davidson) was preparing a paper on King for school, but knew nothing about him. Naturally, King came to the student in a dream, with the requisite, “I have a dream” joke.” The student told King he had to write a paper on him, but knew very little about him other than “you’re black” and “today you own a bunch of boulevards.” King and the kid then talked about how everything has changed in the past 50 years (video below).

After Davidson told King that on Monday there’s a day in his honor, the civil rights leader asked if that’s a day when “black and white Americans reflect of the progress” made in the U.S., the kid said it was more of just a day off from work. The kid also told King how we now have a black president named Barack Obama, prompting King to ask if he was some kind of “Kenyan muslim.” When the student noted that Obama had a white mom and a black dad, King asked if his “parents are in jail.”

There were also jokes about how the hit film Selma was mostly snubbed by the Oscars. When asked, “Who speaks for diversity today,” Davidson answered, “Macklemore.” King wanted to know if he was also a Kenyan muslim, but the student said that he was actually “the whitest dude on earth.” And there’s more! Check out the video here, and tell us what you think.


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