Martin Luther King Day “Lie Witness News Edition: Jimmy Kimmel Asks About MLK Endorsing Donald Trump (VIDEO)

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Martin Luther King Lie Witness News

By Michael Lewittes |

Martin Luther King Lie Witness News


Jimmy Kimmel tricked people in Los Angeles into thinking that Martin Luther King Jr. endorsed Donald Trump for President. See Kimmel’s MLK Day edition of “Lie Witness News” below.

Plenty of people on Hollywood Boulevard gave their thoughts on Dr. King endorsing Trump for president, despite the slain civil rights leader being dead for nearly 50 years. One woman said she thought “he’d be the last one to endorse Trump.” And when a man was asked if he was surprised by King’s endorsement, given that Trump fired him last year on “Celebrity Apprentice,” the man said, “The rich are going to support the rich, and they’ve got to know how to take care of their money.” But he may have been in on the joke because he looked up right after and yelled, “’sup, TMZ!”

Another man was asked about his thoughts on King never voting for Obama, which he replied was surprising, noting, “You would think because [King is] a minority that he’d want to vote for Mr. Obama himself.” When the interviewer followed up that it might have to something to do with King being dead, the man nodded and said, “Which is true.”

A female tourist was then questioned about whether King’s endorsement of Trump had anything to do with Malcolm X supporting Hillary Clinton. The woman not only believed that was the case, but she also explained that Clinton and Malcolm X both have homes on Martha’s Vineyard. “They golf together when they’re on Martha’s Vineyard,” she said, adding that “my brother lives on Martha’s Vineyard,” and while “I have never seen them, my brother has.”

Watch the funny MLK Day edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” below.


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