Who Is Marshmello: The Face Underneath The Mask

Marshmello in all white during a performance

By Brianna Morton |

Marshmello, aka Chris Comstock, in all white with a marshmallow helmet during a performance

(Getty Images)

Marshmello burst onto the EDM scene in 2015 ,and his true identity has been something of a mystery ever since. Well, after years of wondering, it’s now clear who the man behind the mask is. Though he chooses to live an anonymous life, it was fairly easy to follow the breadcrumbs to find out who he really is, and Skrillex is a major reason why.

After his debut, fans began theorizing about who was really underneath the giant white helmet Marshmello wore on stage. Some wondered if already well-known DJs, like Skrillex, Martin Garrix, or Tiësto, could be Marshmello. Tiësto once trolled his audience by showing up to a gig in a Marshmello mask. None of those guesses were right, though ironically, it was Skrillex who caused the mystery to unravel.

Skrillex accidentally unmasked Marshmello

The first major lead was an interview producer/DJ/singer Skrillex had with Katie Couric. During the interview, Skrillex’s phone rang. Couric noted the name, saying aloud, “It’s Chris.” Skrillex responded, “Oh, Marshmello,” and answered the call, putting it on speaker phone. With just a first name as a clue, internet sleuths jumped at their first real lead to unmask Marshmello.

According to an investigation by Forbes, the real name of the artist known as Marshmello is Christopher Comstock, whose other entertainment alias is DOTCOM. There are several reasons why the magazine came to that conclusion, and the Couric/Skrillex interview was key. The music royalty manager BMI was another tool the outlet used to deduce the DJ’s identity. Though Comstock’s name has since been scrubbed from the site, the magazine found that searches using Marshmello or Comstock revealed the same results. The outlet also reached out to several industry insiders, who confirmed that Comstock and Marshmello were one and the same.

Regular sleuths also revealed Marshmello’s true face

The publication also used the investigative skills of regular folks to point out Chris Comstock and Marshmello’s similarities. A Twitter user pointed out a tattoo that was visible beneath a pair of ripped jeans Marshmello wore to a photoshoot. They compared it to a tattoo on Comstock’s leg that was the same color and in the same position on the same leg. Twitter detectives didn’t stop there. Even more photos comparing the hands and necks of the two were posted as proof that they were the same person.

As for what the man behind the mask thinks, it seems he’s not quite ready to let go of the anonymity. He tweeted in 2017, “I don’t take my helmet off because I don’t want or need fame. I’m genuinely trying to create something positive for people to connect with.” It’s essentially an open secret now, but that doesn’t mean Marshmello isn’t entitled to his privacy.