Marriage Boot Camp Stars Shamelessly Capitalize On Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Divorce

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Marriage Boot Camp Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner

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Marriage Boot Camp Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner

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“Marriage Boot Camp” counselors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll are already trying to capitalize on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce. As Gossip Cop reported, Affleck and Garner announced their divorce last Tuesday in a joint statement.

Now, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, stars of the WE TV show, are shamelessly reaching out to the movie stars to offer their marriage counseling services. In a letter to Affleck and Garner that the couple shared with everyone in an effort to squeeze out some publicity, the reality TV stars write, “We are very sad but not surprised to hear that after 10 years of marriage and years of marriage counseling, that your strong starting marriage is ending in divorce. We have seen the most hopeless relationships get rebooted and come alive.”

While Affleck and Garner have not officially divorced yet, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll offer that they would be willing to help the pair “privately, to either repair your marriage or help you create a healthy peaceful co-parenting relationship.”

Gossip Cop finds the Carrolls’ letter and offer a pathetic and desperate attempt to get press (for which we’re reluctantly guilty of participating). It’s fascinating that these publicity-seekers, who have never met Affleck and Garner, are qualified to determine they’re “not surprised to hear that after 10 years of marriage… your strong starting marriage is ending in divorce.”

Clearly, both Affleck and Garner did not make a rash decision, without the benefit of consulting with counselors who knew them, before deciding to split after three kids and 10 years of marriage. Seriously, the only ones in need a “boot” are Jim and Elizabeth Carroll. Clearly, they should seek immediate help for their wanton craving of publicity.


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