Kim Kardashian, Marquette King Dating Rumor Did NOT Lead Raiders To Think Team Was “Cursed,” Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Marquette King Raiders

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Marquette King Raiders

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The Kim Kardashian and Marquette King dating rumor didn’t lead the Oakland Raiders to think the team was “cursed.” Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this made-up claim. We’re told it’s a lie.

According to HollywoodLife, which publishes fake news on a regular basis, King’s teammates on the Oakland Raiders “freaked over” reports that the punter was involved with Kardashian. The disreputable site actually claims the Raiders were “influenced” by the dating “rumor.” But that’s not all. The webloid further falsely alleges the team, which is 10-3 this season, feared it would be “cursed” by a romance between its player and Kardashian.

Gossip Cop was the first site to debunk the inaccurate claim that Kardashian was cheating on Kanye West with King. Notwithstanding that the entire premise of Kardashian and King dating is 100 percent untrue, HollywoodLies, as it is known, has produced a so-called “insider” who (falsely) contends the Raiders were supposedly “freaking out” and “nervous” that an alleged romance would wreak havoc on the team. Still, the webloid’s seemingly fabricated “insider” says in unnatural and absurdly expository language, “Kim Kardashian and Marquette King rumors are freaking out players on Marquette’s Raiders football team.”

We would like to know how rumors that were quickly corrected are still “freaking out players”?

After bizarrely saying both their full names and King’s team affiliation, the unreliable site’s same apparently bogus “insider” goes on to state, “Guys on the squad are nervous about the effects of a distraction of a celebrity like Kim could be on the team’s chemistry. Leaders on the team have already talked with Marquette in the locker room about squashing any romance between he and Kim before it affects the team who are Super Bowl contenders.” Having strangely included in casual conversation that the Raiders “are Super Bowl contenders,” the untrustworthy webloid’s “insider” adds, “Guys have told Marquette, not to mess with Kim, or any of the Kardashians, ‘they are mojo killers.’”

We would like to know why “leaders of the team” had a locker room meeting about how a non-existent “romance” could affect the team?

Gossip Cop is going to call out HollywoodLies for this intentional foul. Not one person of the MANY we reached out to in the Raiders organization could verify any of the site’s story. In fact, we’ve confirmed it’s a lie.

Gossip Cop busted HollywoodLife for making up Kardashian birthday stories. We nailed them for manufacturing false stories about Kardashian’s robbery in Paris. And we have caught and exposed the webloid for publishing other fake news stories about the reality star. Much like the site’s previous attempts, this latest article is more a fantasy football story than a real one.

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