Mark Wahlberg Gives Tom Holland Bad Celebrity Advice On ‘Graham Norton Show’ (VIDEO)

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Mark Wahlberg Tom Holland Graham Norton Show

By Andrew Shuster |

Mark Wahlberg Tom Holland Graham Norton Show

(Graham Norton)

Mark Wahlberg admitted on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show” that he’s not the best person to ask for advice about being a celebrity, but that didn’t stop the actor from giving newcomer Tom Holland some bad tips for dealing with fame. Watch the video below!

Holland is sure to reach stardom when he swings into theaters this summer as the new Spider-Man, but the 20-year-old actor admitted on the British talk show, “This is surreal to me. My life has flipped upside down in the last six weeks.” Norton then asked Wahlberg to give Holland some guidance on becoming a movie star, but the actor insisted, “I’m the last person you should ask for advice.” He then asked Holland, “You’ve never been to jail, have you? It’s a complete role reversal. I went to jail before I had a career, so he’s going to go to jail at some point during his career.”

Wahlberg went on to note that as soon as he received his first acting paycheck, he “ran to the Mercedes dealer and bought a car.” The actor added, “I didn’t have money for registration or insurance. The police towed the vehicle because I was driving without insurance, so you don’t want any advice from me.”

But despite Wahlberg’s acknowledgement that he’s not the ideal role model, the actor couldn’t help but offer some words of wisdom anyway. “LA’s the move. Get a jacuzzi. Bring the boys to Cali. Get a medical marijuana license,” he said. “Have some fun, dude. Have some fun for me. I’m 46-years-old, I’m married, I have four kids, I get yelled at and they tell me how much they hate me.” Wahlberg concluded, “Go have some fun. You’re a young, good looking guy.” Following the actor’s suggestions, Norton responded, “That’s terrible advice, but I hear you.” Watch the video below!

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