Mark Wahlberg Teaches Kids About Sex (VIDEO)

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Mark Wahlberg Teaches Kids Sex Ellen Degeneres

By Andrew Shuster |

Mark Wahlberg Teaches Kids Sex Ellen Degeneres

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Mark Wahlberg taught kids about sex during a taped segment for Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres” show. Watch the funny video below!

The “Daddy’s Home” star sat down with four children in a classroom to talk about the “birds and the bees,” and see if they knew where babies came from. One young girl answered, “Your mom’s belly,” but she was at a loss when Wahlberg followed up, “How does the baby get in there?”

In terms the children could understand, Wahlberg explained that the baby-making process involves a man putting his “baguette” in a woman’s “corn chowder,” to which one confused little girl said, “That sounds awkward.”

The actor then quizzed the young kids on “other words for making a baby,” asking if they had ever heard of the terms “whoopee,” “doing the nasty,” or “get your freak on.” They had not. For the next part of Wahlberg’s lesson, he had the kids draw what they thought a “man and a woman making a baby” looks like.

One boy drew a man handing a woman flowers, while one girl drew a lone woman with a pregnant belly, to which Wahlberg commented, “She’s like, ‘I’m gonna do this on my own, I don’t need no baby daddy.'” As for Wahlberg’s drawing, he showed the camera, but not the children, a graphic sketch of a man and a woman mid-coitus. Watch Wahlberg’s sex education lesson in the video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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