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Mark Consuelos is getting tired of his wife, Kelly Ripa, oversharing about their personal lives, says one piece of gossip. Ripa's not exactly known for being shy, so it's not hard to imagine that he might want some privacy. However, there's something suspicious about the rumor. Here's what's going on.

Kelly Ripa's A Little Too Proud Of Her Husband

"Mark To Kelly: Tone It Down!" reads an article in OK!. According to the magazine, Ripa's constant "gushing about her and hubby Mark Consuelos' sex life" is frustrating the Riverdale actor. "While he's happy she's happy, it's embarrassing that all their friends know what goes on in their bedroom," an anonymous source tells the outlet. "He'd like for some things to stay private, but he knew when he married Kelly that she can't keep anything to herself." While it may grind his gears, the source says that the relationship is still pretty solid, saying,

Kelly can't help but show him off.

Although the source doesn't specify where or what exactly Ripa's shared that was over the line, but they're certain of one thing: She's very into her husband."She still thinks he's so gorgeous," the snitch shares. "They've been married 24 years, and the spark is alive and well."

Mark Consuelos Isn't That Shy

Like we said, Kelly Ripa isn't shy, so it's totally believable that her family might get frustrated by her happily sharing some intimate details. However, it's a little weird to frame it as some sort of one-sided issue. In fact, if this story was stripped of the comments about the actor thinking Ripa is being embarrassing, it'd be pretty much completely true. Ripa and Consuelos love each other, and it's not exactly hard to see how passionately they care for one another. But it is silly to think that Ripa's breaching her husband's trust or anything similar.

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Despite the fact that the two have been forced to live apart as Consuelos quarantines for work, the passion is still clear. For Ripa's birthday, the actor posted a photo of his wife with the sweet caption, "Happy birthday to my little ray of sunshine, I love you, sexy." Even when Ripa posted an intimate throwback pic of the two in bed together, Consuelos was quick to comment, "Miss you babe" complete with heart emojis.

They're an incredibly solid couple, and we don't think Ripa would post something like a video of her husband's very intense (and very shirtless) workout if it really annoyed him. He's an actor on Riverdale, a show that could be described as the thirstiest program on TV, for crying out loud. Decades of marriage and three kids means that a lewd story here and there doesn't even come close to being mortifying.

Now, if this little bit of gossip said that Ripa was embarrassing her daughter, Lola, it'd be a different story. Since this is from the same tabloid that promised a tell-all from Kelly Ripa earlier this year, it's not exactly trustworthy in the first place. For now, we'll just say that the only embarrassing thing here is how out of shape we feel after seeing Mark Consuelos' abs so many times.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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