Marilyn Manson Did NOT Have Testicles Removed After Stage Prop Accident, Despite Report

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Marilyn Manson Testicles

By Michael Lewittes |

Marilyn Manson Testicles

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Marilyn Manson did not have his testicles removed after an accident in which a stage prop fell on the rocker in New York on Saturday, leaving the musician hospitalized. The claim is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct this fake news.

According to the serial fabricators at YourNewsWire, when a stage prop of two giant guns came crashing down on the singer, the metal scaffolding on which the fake pistols were mounted “speared Manson in the groin,” injuring his left leg and “crushing both testicles.” As widely reported, right after Manson grabbed the prop at the Hammersmith Ballroom in New York while singing “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These),” the guns and the apparatus holding them up tipped over and landed on top of Manson (video below). The concert was abruptly canceled and Manson was taken to a local hospital.

Most legitimate outlets reported that Manson hurt one of his legs. However, YourNewsWire, which has a reputation for manufacturing fake news, alleges to have better information than Rolling Stone and Variety, for examples. While the repeatedly discredited site does not cite anyone in particular, it puts quotation marks around a few phrases, including one that asserts Manson’s testicles has swelled “to the size of grapefruits” when paramedics arrived on the scene. The untrustworthy outlet further maintains emergency medical technicians had the singer’s genitals “drained with a needle,” but en route to the hospital they were deemed “unsalvageable,” and so doctors were “forced to surgically remove the mangled orbs.”

While it remains unclear how badly Manson was actually injured in the accident, he’s expected to make a full recovery. In fact, his bandmate Tyler Bates posted on Instagram earlier on Sunday that the North America leg of their “Heaven Upside Down Tour,” which runs through October, is “on pause for a minute.” Bates also noted, “Manson will be back in action soon.”

Manson’s tour kicked off on Wednesday night in Silver Spring, Maryland and was slated to have a show on Tuesday at the House of Blues in Boston. That concert and eight others have been canceled while Manson recuperates at home in Los Angeles, Gossip Cop has learned. We’re told he’s slated to return to the tour on October 15 in Texas. Below is video from Manson’s accident, which 100 percent did not result in the rocker having his testicles removed.

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