‘Mariah’s World’ Premiere Recap: Mariah Carey Plans Wedding And Concert Tour

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Mariahs World Premiere Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Mariahs World Premiere Recap


Mariah Carey attempted to simultaneously plan her wedding and an international concert tour on the series premiere of “Mariah’s World.” Get the full episode recap below!

During the filming of the docu-series, Carey was still engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer. The two have since split up, but the show featured some of the drama that led to the broken engagement. One of the issues seemed to be that the singer couldn’t figure out how to juggle her Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour and getting married. As the first episode opened, Carey was hanging out on her yacht in Capri and admitted, “I never wanted to do this documentary and be followed by cameras.” But she agreed to do the show so people could get a sense of who she really is, and then spoke about planning her wedding to Packer, acknowledging “it’s difficult to make these kinds of things happen.”

While on her yacht with nephew Shawn McDonald, Carey explains that she didn’t always have such a glamorous lifestyle. “I think me and Shawn have a great relationship because we both understand what it’s like to literally come from nothing,” the singer told the camera. Carey went on to note that she always had a passion for music, and her mother started encouraging her to sing when she was only four-years-old. “She named me Mariah Carey as a stage name,” the singer revealed. “I started doing demos when I was 12-years-old, I was a backup singer. I moved to Manhattan alone when I was a teenage girl. It was a very exciting time for me even though I had nothing.” Also on the yacht were her two children, Monroe and Moroccan, who Carey said are the most important people in her life.

Carey introduced her manager, Stella Bulochnikov, who she met through director Brett Ratner, a mutual friend of theirs. “Brett brought us together and we’ve been inseparable ever since,” Stella said on camera, to which Carey added, “Stella’s kind of tough, but she’s an incredible person.” Stella explained it was her job to help the singer plan her first European tour in a decade, and she first had to hire an entire team to help out. She hired a young woman named Molly do be Carey’s personal assistant during her tour, but told her she’s not allowed to have a boyfriend during her first year of working for the singer. Additionally, Molly was forbidden from ever crying in Stella’s office. But on her first day of work, the young girl had trouble hooking up Carey’s Apple TV in her hotel room and immediately began crying.

Later, musical director Big Jim Wright visited Carey’s house to work on new music with her. The singer noted in a confessional she was “really fortunate” to work with him because there’s a lot of “bleak” musicians in the industry, and he isn’t one of them. As the two prepared her tour set list, she added that having someone like Wright who “gets me” is “kind of a big deal.” He told her, “The fact that you allow me to be part of this great music legacy, I’m just honored,” but she jokingly accused him of being “damn sarcastic.” “I’m not sarcastic, it’s all from my heart,” he told her, and Carey went on to improvise a tribute song to him.

Carey’s very busy schedule included a wedding dress fitting followed by choreography rehearsal. “I’m a nervous wreck because there’s so much to be done,” Carey said about setting up her tour, which was just two weeks away. But Stella tried gently convincing Carey to postpone her wedding, telling her that she won’t be able to balance both the nuptials and her work commitment. Carey let out a big sigh as she weighed her options, and said, “I don’t want to disappoint him and I feel really bad.” But she then suggested, “Maybe we do the tour and figure it out afterwards and do it right,” adding in a confessional, “This is a hard decision to make.” The singer went on to say she wanted to both “fill my professional obligations and not disappoint James,” but later called Packer to tell him they needed to temporarily put the wedding on hold.

Carey later flew to Glasgow, where she was performing for the opening night of her tour, but there was an issue with her nanny’s passport and the whole group was delayed getting into the country. As a result, the singer was hours late for her rehearsal, which drastically cut the amount of time she had to prepare for the show. The episode ended with Carey lounging on a couch as she tried to recover from the stress of delayed rehearsals and a postponed wedding. After resting for a beat, she eventually threw an arm over her eyes and exclaimed, “This is lunacy.”

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