‘Mariah’s World’ Recap: Mariah Carey Gets Booed After Showing Up Late To Concert

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Mariahs World Recap Episode 3

By Andrew Shuster |

Mariahs World Recap Episode 3


Mariah Carey got booed by her fans after showing up late to a concert on Sunday’s “Mariah’s World.” Get the full episode recap below!

Early in the episode, a new hairstylist named Larry joined Carey’s Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour, but the singer wasn’t happy with the job he did. While relaxing in her hotel room after the show, Carey told her manager Stella that they needed to bring back her old hair stylist Danielle. “Danielle knows how to do what I want and for me it’s important to go on stage feeling good,” the singer said in a confessional. Only, Stella and Danielle previously had a big fight because the hairstylist asked for more money and they couldn’t work out a deal. “I’d almost rather you do your own hair than deal with the Danielle drama,” Stella told Carey, who still insisted they rehire Danielle.

Later, all of the tour’s backup dancers were hanging out and one noted that Bryan Tanaka has “groupies” who show up to his dressing room with gifts. “I’m single and I’m having fun right now,” he said in a confessional. “But when I am with the right person, 100 percent love, and I actually cannot wait.” Tanaka then suggested to the other guys that they plan a surprise for Carey’s birthday, saying they “do something crazy on stage.” He added, “We’ve to to do something special for her.” The other dancers agreed that they should make their boss “feel appreciated.”

Meanwhile, backup dancer Anthony told Carey and Stella that an ex-employee had leaked nasty stories about Stella to the press. The article referred to the manager as a “Russian dictator” and claimed that she had fired most of Carey’s staff and also brainwashed her. Stella was outraged by the article, which she called a complete lie, and contemplated taking legal action. Stella called up her lawyer and told him to send a cease and desist letter to the ex-employee, who she threatened to sued for breaching a confidentiality agreement.

Carey’s tour assistant, Molly, was asked by Stella to run a last minute errand for the singer and she almost buckled under the pressure. She was tasked with going to the department store Harrods and ordering a variety of chocolates from the truffle bar, which stressed her out. “There’s no sleep, no eat, just go,” Molly said in a confessional about her job.

While traveling from London to Luxembourg for her show, Carey and her tour crew ended up delayed on the plane. When they finally landed, Carey’s manager Stella became nervous about the time and noted that the show started in 55 minutes. However, tour executive Yoni then revealed, “I think that there’s an hour difference between Luxembourg and the U.K.” Stella shot back, “What are you talking about?” and began freaking out when she realized Luxembourg was one hour ahead and Carey was supposed to be on stage already. “Please tell me that she’s not supposed to be on stage 15 minutes ago!” Stella yelled. “Please tell me this is not possible.”

The entire crew rushed to the venue, where an agitated crowd had been waiting inside for more than an hour. From backstage, Carey yelled “I’m here!” over the loudspeaker, but then told the crowd she needed some time to get her hair and makeup done. The entire crowd was booing loudly, and Carey asked, “Am I getting booed, really?” as she made her way to stage. One person in the crowd even yelled, “Shame on you!” Carey said in a confessional, “I have to hope that they forgive me because the whole night then becomes that much harder because you have to win them back over.”

Carey finally emerged onstage and announced, “Guess what Luxembourg. I just want to say I love you so much and I thank you so much for waiting for me.” She explained, “We did not know there was a time difference, but we’re here. The most important thing for us to do right now is shake it off, so let’s go.” Carey then began singing her hit 2005 track “Shake It Off” and the crowd started loudly cheering. At the end of the show, Carey once again asked, “Luxembourg, are we OK? Do you forgive me please?” and the auditorium erupted in cheers. The singer added in a confessional, “I’m just very grateful that they were cool about it and we got through it. We got through it together.”

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