‘Mariah’s World’ Recap: Mariah Carey Pulled Into Argument Between Friends

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Mariahs World Recap Episode 2

By Andrew Shuster |

Mariahs World Recap Episode 2


Mariah Carey got pulled into a heated argument between two of her close friends working on her concert tour on Sunday’s “Mariah’s World.” Get the full episode recap below!

As the episode began, one of Carey’s longtime dancers, Bryan Tanaka, came to visit her in her dressing room before the Glasgow show. He wanted to catch up since they hadn’t chatted in a while, and congratulated her on her engagement to James Packer. “You’ve gotta meet the twins,” she told him, and he promised to “teach them a few moves.” Tanaka said in a confessional, “When I was on tour with Mariah the first time, I just remember she’s always been supportive of me. This is like a dream come true when you work with someone like Mariah Carey. She’s a legend.”

While getting her makeup done before her show, Carey revealed she feels she has a “bad side” of her face. The singer explained she became self-conscious of her face at 19 years old when a woman told her she only had one “good side” and to only take pictures from that angle. “I don’t hate it when it’s well lit,” she admitted.

Later, the tour’s creative director, Anthony, found out that the 5-year-old son of backup singer Mary Ann would be riding the bus with them, and he wasn’t happy about having a child in tow. “If I have to sit on a bus with a baby, I’m resigning tonight and I won’t be doing the show,” Anthony told the tour manager. He later took up the issue with Carey herself, saying, “They put me on a bus with a baby and I have to talk to your manager about that.” He further told her that he and the other dancers were being treated with disrespect by having to share the bus with a kid. “Are you having a diva fit?” Carey asked him, but Anthony insisted he wouldn’t put up with having the kid on his bus any longer.

Carey later called Mary Ann to ask about the situation, and she explained that Anthony had refused to get on the bus with her and her son for a second trip. “Why would he go to you, why wouldn’t he say something to me,” Mary Ann asked. She then told Carey, “Don’t mess with my kid,” and insisted she’d confront Anthony. Anthony ended up demanding that Carey’s manager, Stella, get him and the dancers their own bus so they could enjoy themselves without having to worry about a kid being around.

Later in Carey’s dressing room, a livid Mary Ann told her boss, “Anthony showed me who he really is.” The singer didn’t want to take sides, telling her backup singer, “I wish I could say something to make it go away right now,” and added in a confessional, “We’re dealing with two very strong personalities here.” Mary Ann kept ranting before concluding, “He’s thirsty and I’m gonna quench his thirst. He better leave me alone. What he did the other night was totally unnecessary.”

Backstage at the show, Carey told Anthony that she didn’t want him and Mary Ann bringing tension to the tour and that they needed to squash their beef. Anthony suggested they all have a sit down to discuss the situation, but the singer told him he needed to handle the situation on his own. “I cannot sit here and worry about everybody’s drama,” she said in a confessional. “When did I become everybody’s mommy?” Carey added on-camera that her own kids are her main priority, and come before the tour and everything else.

At a photo shoot later that night, Anthony tried apologizing to Mary Ann but she swung him away as he approached her. The situation almost became physical, but Carey told Anthony to leave the room. The episode ended without the fight getting resolved, and the singer insisting, “He should stay far away from her. Please stay away.”

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