‘Mariah’s World’ Recap: Mariah Carey Celebrates Birthday

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Mariahs World Recap Episode 4

By Andrew Shuster |

Mariahs World Recap Episode 4


Mariah Carey celebrated her birthday, which she referred to as her “anniversary,” on Sunday’s “Mariah’s World.” Get the full recap below!

It was revealed that Carey calls her birthdays “anniversaries” because she doesn’t like the idea of getting older, and an anniversary celebrates the day she came into the world instead. Her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka then noted in a confessional, “I have been the chosen one to give Mariah a special anniversary present. It involves jumping out of a cake.” The backup dancer then practiced the choreography of jumping from a giant cake.

Later, Carey decided to prank call her tour assistant, Molly, and place an order for food while putting on a fake voice and saying she was “Pamela from Mariah’s team.” Carey then asked for mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce, adding, “You know, we’re looking for food here!” She then asked Molly what she was wearing, and the confused assistant responded, “That’s kind of a weird question to ask.” Carey shot back, “Don’t talk to me that way, this is her aunt! I want you to get chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and I don’t want curry in the damn ketchup!” She added, “Now I’m sorry that I sound agitated, but I’m trying to have my niece have a good time!” Carey finished by saying, “Molly, do me a favor because I want to be a nice lady to you. Don’t f**k this up. Goodbye!”

At Carey’s birthday party later that night, a shirtless Tanaka hid inside of a giant cake in advance of the singer showing up. He had to sit inside the cake for more than 30 minutes, but finally Carey arrived, and he jumped out of the big prop as confetti exploded. Tanaka proceeded to do a sexy dance for Carey, along to her song “Shake It Off.” He noted in a confessional, “My adrenaline took over and I turned into Magic Mike.” As Tanaka got closer to Carey, who was sitting on the couch, she shouted “What is this?!” She said in a confessional, “Apparently somebody told Tanaka that I would like it if he jumped out of a cake.” The singer then poured champagne all over Tanaka’s body, and said to the camera, “I mean why are we making such a big deal out of it? Like nobody ever got champagne poured on themselves before?”

Carey was then brought a cake with sparkling candles and she poured champagne on the candles to put them out. Tanka came over and told her, “I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous.” She told him, “I thank you very much. That was a lovely event. It’s so great to have you here.” Carey then walked out into a balcony to see a display of fireworks in her honor. Everyone gathered around with champagne and toasted the singer, who was touched by all of the kind gestures.

At the end of one of Carey’s international concerts on her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour, a foreign fan came backstage and told Carey that her music helped him learn English and get him through panic attacks. He added, “If I don’t hear ‘Through the Rain,’ I can not go to sleep… I learned all the words. The only voice I heard every night is you.” He continued, “I don’t know if you understand what you mean.” He then took a diamond cross necklace off his neck and handed it to the singer, but she was hesitant to take the gift. But the fan insisted, and added, “I was waiting 20 years to meet you, I can’t believe this!” Carey was on the verge of tears following her diehard fan’s kind words and expensive present.

As Gossip Cop also reported, Carey performed at “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2017” on Saturday night, but the show was filled with a multitude of problems and technical difficulties.

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