Mariah Carey Diamond Engagement Ring Fake?

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Mariah Carey Diamond Ring Fake

By Michael Lewittes |

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Mariah Careys engagement ring is not fake, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this absurd claim. We’re told it’s completely “false.”

According to a National Enquirer story that’s also creepily obsessed with Carey’s breasts, the diamond engagement ring that the singer wears in public is “fake” and not the same 35-carat sparkler her fiance James Packer gave her. After remarking about “Mimi’s boobs,” “busty Mariah,” and her “massive 35D’s,” the tabloid finally gets around to alleging that the diamond Packer slipped onto Carey’s finger is a “total phony.”

The publication then quotes what seemingly is an entirely fabricated source as saying in beyond natural language, “That crazy giant rock James gave Mariah is so incredibly valuable, worth an estimated $10 million, that she fretted about wearing it in public. So Clever Grrrl had an exact non-precious replica made and wears the flashy fake when she travels, performs or attends functions. But the real deal really makes Mimi squeal.” She only wears the true diamond ring, claims the tabloid, when she’s by herself, with friends, or with Packer.

Gossip Cop can’t explain the magazine’s freakish fascination with Carey’s boobs, but we can bust this untrue tale about her diamond ring. First off, an actual source (or even person) wouldn’t use such phony-sounding phrases such as “Clever Grrrl,” nor would someone who knew her first refer to the singer as “Mariah” and then as “Mimi.” In any case, while it’s understandable that a star wouldn’t always sport such an expensive bauble, the ring Carey wears whether she’s home alone or traveling is 100 percent real. Her rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer’s report is entirely “false.”

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Mariah Carey’s diamond engagement ring is fake.

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