Mariah Carey Worried Ex-Manager Will Leak Secrets After Split?

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Mariah Carey Manager Split

By Michael Lewittes |

Mariah Carey Manager Split

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Mariah Carey is not “worried” her former manager Stella Bulochnikov will start “dishing dirt” about her, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this inaccurate claim. We’re told the singer has no fears whatsoever about her ex-manager leaking secrets and Bulochnikov also confirms to us she has “no plans” to do an expose.

According to the National Enquirer, following her split from Bulochnikov, Carey has become concerned her one-time manager will tell-all about her. A seemingly fabricated source is quoted in the supermarket tabloid as rattling off a handful of embarrassing moments for the singer and then alleging Carey’s “worried” Bulochnikov will share what really “happened.” The questionable “tattletale” says, “Stella knows everything about Mariah. She knows where the bodies are buried.”

The alleged insider adds that Bulochnikov “knows what exactly happened with Mariah’s sudden split from her billionaire boyfriend [James Packer], and she knows the truth about what really went down with that disastrous New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square. Her fear is all her deep, dark secrets are about to leak.” And it appears the magazine’s fear is fact-checking.

If the tabloid really had an inside source (or even nominally followed celebrity reporting), it would not have referred to Packer as Carey’s “billionaire boyfriend.” It more would have more accurately used the term “ex-fiance.” Regardless of that fairly obvious reporting flaw, Gossip Cop still looked into the magazine’s claim.

Guess what? Carey is not remotely “worried” about Bulochnikov leaking her “deep, dark secrets.” A mutual friend of ours and Carey’s not only called the tabloid’s article “ridiculous,” but also assured us that the singer “knows as much about Stella,” which would serve as a deterrent for her ex-manager not to open her mouth.

Maybe it’s finally time for the Enquirer to find better, more reliable Carey sources. Gossip Cop has busted the outlet on several occasions for it misguided stories about the singer. When she was still with Packer, the tabloid wrongly reported Carey’s 35-carat engagement ring was fake. And after that relationship ended, the magazine falsely claimed Carey and boyfriend Bryan Tanaka had sex in a restaurant bathroom.

While it’s true Carey and Bulochnikov split, the singer is not even slightly “worried” her ex-manager will blab about her personal life. In fact, following their parting of ways, Bulochnikov noted in a statement that they’ll “remain partners in a number of business ventures, and will continue to support each other.” More significantly, Bulochnikov also told Gossip Cop she has “no plans” to do a tell-all. Call us crazy, but we’ll take the manager’s word over the magazine’s.