Mariah Carey “Driving Away” James Packer With Wedding Demands?

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Mariah Carey Wedding Demands James Packer

By Shari Weiss |

Mariah Carey Wedding Demands James Packer

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Mariah Carey is NOT “driving away” James Packer with wedding demands, despite a new report calling her “Mariah The Bridezilla.” Gossip Cop can debunk the claims.

According to the new issue of Star, it’s “increasingly becoming a question” which Carey “loves more — grandeur or James.” Since getting engaged, the magazine claims Carey has become “obsessed” with having “the most glamorous celebrity wedding of all time.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “James is only now beginning to see the truth behind Mariah’s reputation.”

Noting Carey’s engagement ring reportedly cost $10 million, the outlet’s tipster goes on to say, “She’s demanding a wedding to match it, and the arrangements just keep getting bigger and bigger.” There’s speculation about multiple wedding dresses, and even multiple ceremonies around the world. “With James’ deep pockets, she imagines every scenario — and wants them all,” claims the “source.”

But despite declaring that Carey’s demands were “already driving her groom away,” Star actually backtracks later in the piece, writing, “So far, James seems smitten with his bride-to-be and is indulging her.” And that’s the most truthful line in the whole story.

Packer was well-aware of Carey’s “reputation” before dating her, and he’s no stingy billionaire. In fact, his love of luxury rivals the superstar’s. There isn’t an issue over how extravagant their wedding should be. Gossip Cop is told the couple is “on the same page” as they work up the plans.


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