Mariah Carey Wearing Engagement Ring To “Taunt” James Packer?

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Mariah Carey engagement Ring Taunt James Packer

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Mariah Carey engagement Ring Taunt James Packer

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Is Mariah Carey wearing her engagement ring to “taunt” former fiancé James Packer? That’s what one of the tabloids is claiming. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation.

Alongside a single paparazzi photo of Carey wearing a large diamond ring on her middle finger, as she holds hands with current beau Bryan Tanaka, In Touch asserts the superstar is a “sending a not-so-subtle message” to Packer. “She was wearing her huge engagement ring from James on her middle finger as a big ‘screw you,'” a so-called “source” alleges to the tabloid, further contending, “If you ask Mariah why she’s wearing the ring on that finger, she just smiles and bats her eyelashes.”

“Mariah tries to justify still having the ring by saying, ‘Darling, it was a gift,'” maintains the gossip magazine’s supposed snitch. “[But] Mariah knows exactly what she’s doing when she wears that ring on her middle finger. Her message couldn’t be clearer.” Actually, the “message” isn’t clear at all, and this story has a few holes. For instance, what does Packer think about Carey “taunting” him? And how does Tanaka feel about holding hands with a woman who is wearing an old engagement ring just to needle her ex? Notably, the outlet never says.

What’s more is that the publication only has a single, solitary example of Carey wearing the ring in question on her middle finger. Who’s to say Packer even saw the paparazzi shot and was successfully “taunted”? The tabloid obviously doesn’t seem to know. And, really, if Carey really was flashing the engagement ring repeatedly, especially on her middle finger, the pictures would be all over the internet. Instead, it’s only In Touch spreading these claims. All of these points are red flags that should tell readers this piece is merely sensationalized claims built around one photo and not a well-reported and well-documented article.

What’s also interesting is that this report comes nearly a year after the magazine claimed Carey’s relationship with Packer was “fake,” and she never actually had feelings for him. If that were the case, why would it be so important to her to “taunt” him now? Apparently In Touch has a problem with accuracy as well as consistency.