Mariah Carey Splits From Boyfriend Bryan Tanaka

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Mariah Carey Split Bryan Tanaka

By Holly Nicol |

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka have split, Gossip Cop has learned. The couple has separated after just five months together.

Following her break up from James Packer, which was documented on “Mariah’s World,” Carey spent a lot of quality time with Tanaka and eventually grew close to the backup dancer. The pair soon began an intense and passionate romance together. While their relationship was brief, the couple often shared sweet photos of themselves on social media, seemingly displaying their love.

The singer, however, is now single. According to TMZ, the pair ended their whirlwind romance following a recent trip to Cabo, and haven’t seen or spoken to one another since. TMZ sources further contend Tanaka struggled with “extreme jealousy,” and would “lash back” at the singer by flirting with other women in clear view of Carey.

During their relationship, Gossip Cop busted a number of sensationalized and fabricated reports about the couple. In February, we called out Life & Style for falsely alleging Carey gave Tanaka a life-size doll of herself for when she’s away. And shortly before that ridiculous story, we corrected the same tabloid for wrongly claiming Carey and Tanaka were engaged, only weeks after they started dating.

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Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka have split.

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