Mariah Carey Did NOT Have Sex In Restaurant Bathroom With Boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, Despite Report

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Mariah Carey Bathroom Sex Bryan Tanaka

By Michael Lewittes |

Mariah Carey Bathroom Sex Bryan Tanaka

(Instagram/Mariah Carey)

Mariah Carey did not have sex with her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka in the bathroom of a popular L.A. restaurant, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s totally “made up.”

According to the hipsters at the National Enquirer, Carey had “hanky-panky” with Tanaka in the ladies room of Catch. Then the repeatedly disproven supermarket tabloid quotes its alleged source as saying in suspiciously fabricated prose, “Mariah had been all over tight-bodied Bryan while sashaying up to the club as fotogs’ flashbulbs popped, but she was not putting on an act.” ‘She’s totally red-hot for that boy, and… she later had the ladies’ room cleared, then pulled her hottie inside for an even more private party,” adds the seemingly concocted eyewitness. Still quoting its near impossible to believe source, the magazine writes, “Mariah and Bryan stayed locked long-ish, so when they finally emerged, a girlfriend asked the star, ‘What were you doing in there all the time?’ Giggled Mimi, ‘Everything.'”

First off, Catch is a restaurant, not a “club,” as wrongly claimed by the publication. Also, no “fotogs’ flashbulbs popped,” because no one has used flashbulbs in a few decades. And in case there was any doubt about the quotes being made up, no one refers to their friend in a matter of a few sentences as alternately “Mariah,” “Mimi,” and “the star.”

And while the smell test of the Enquirer’s article evoked an aroma one might find on a farm, Gossip Cop still fact-checked the tabloid’s tale. It’s shocking, but a rep for Carey assured us the magazine’s story is 100 percent “made up.” We’re not entirely surprised, considering just a few days ago we busted the outlet for an article out-of-the-blue that falsely alleged Carey was feuding with Joe Jonas. That was untrue, and so is the latest nonsense about her having “hanky-panky” in the bathroom of Catch in L.A.

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