Mariah Carey Reality Show “Trainwreck” Claim NOT True

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Mariah Carey Reality Show Trainwreck

By Shari Weiss |

Mariah Carey Reality Show Trainwreck

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Mariah Carey’s upcoming reality show is NOT a “trainwreck,” despite a mean-spirited report. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

“Mariah Carey’s E! reality show, ‘Mariah’s World,’ is slated to debut on Dec. 4. But thanks to the star’s diva antics, it’s a miracle the show will air at all,” writes In Touch. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “The premiere was pushed back because she was constantly interfering.”

The magazine alleges Carey “got involved in the editing process and blew the show’s budget.” The supposed snitch claims, “She would scrap entire episodes because she didn’t like how she looked. The production budget skyrocketed because she demanded the best lighting and wanted fans around so she could always have her hair blowing.” The alleged tipster sums it up, “Mariah and her team are very difficult to work with.”

Carey certainly has a reputation, one that she’s been speaking out against lately. And it seems like In Touch is actually exaggerating the behind-the-scenes dynamics in the wake of the superstar admitting during a press event last week that she “kind of can’t help but give notes.” But she also said that, contrary to what the magazine has implied here, that filming is ongoing and there aren’t final cuts yet.

Most telling, though, is that Carey wouldn’t have been given her own panel at the Television Critics’ Association press tour if E! and producers were so upset with her “diva antics.” In fact, based on that event and the new trailer, “Mariah’s World” doesn’t look like a “trainwreck” at all. A network rep further denies the In Touch allegations are true.


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