Mariah Carey Did NOT Propose To Bryan Tanaka, Despite Engagement Reports

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Mariah Carey Proposed Bryan Tanaka

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Mariah Carey Proposed Bryan Tanaka

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Mariah Carey did not propose to Bryan Tanaka, nor are they getting married, despite reports claiming the couple is engaged. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the claims. We’re told there’s no truth to the stories.

The rumors were sparked by OK!, which contends in its new issue that Carey is “so smitten” with Tanaka, “she couldn’t wait any longer for him to make his big move.” A so-called “insider” is then quoted as saying, “Word is Mariah took matters into her own hands.” As Gossip Cop has pointed out before, the phrase “word is” a telltale sign that a tabloid’s source is either fictitious or ill-informed. After all, a real “insider” would know for sure what happened, not just what the “word is.”

It’s another red flag when the outlet goes on to write, “Mariah is said to have popped the question during a special evening she planned.” The phrasing of “is said to have” suggests the publication didn’t actually confirm the contention. As for the specifics, the aforementioned “insider” alleges Carey wrote Tanaka a song about wanting him “to be her husband” and performed it in a “sexy, glitzy gown” before she “explained that she’s ready to make their relationship official.” Curiously, though, amidst all of these purported details, neither the tabloid nor its supposed source give a date for the alleged proposal.

Just as telling is that the “insider” offers two potential dates for a wedding, but, suspiciously, they’re months apart, as if OK! is trying to cover its bases. “Mariah would love to get married in May at the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui… but she’s also toying with the idea of a winter wonderland wedding,” claims the questionable tipster. After that noncommittal assertion, it’s alleged the singer’s twins are “sure to have prominent roles on the big day,” and that Carey may even ask their father, her ex-husband Nick Cannon, to “walk her down the aisle.”

As far-fetched as that sounds, HollywoodLife is already swept up in the apparent romance of it all, as it wasted no time picking up the tabloid’s claims and regurgitating them online. Rather than fact-check the magazine’s article, it repeated all of the allegations and peppered them with references to Carey’s songs, like “One Sweet Day” and “Vision of Love.” In contrast, Gossip Cop opted to investigate instead of fawn. So, what’d we uncover?

Well, we found out that Carey is also a fan of using her own songs to celebrate their relationship, as seen in her Valentine’s Day Instagram post from last month. And the couple is still going strong, as evidenced by Tanaka taking to his own Instagram page just a day ago to celebrate her birthday. But putting their obvious happiness aside, there is no wedding planning going on. In fact, there isn’t even an engagement. A rep for Carey exclusively tells Gossip Cop the proposal and marriage claims are flat-out “not true.”