Mariah Carey Gives Bryan Tanaka Money To Buy Her Gifts?

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Mariah Carey Gifts Bryan Tanaka

By Michael Lewittes |

Mariah Carey Paying Bryan Tanaka

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Does Mariah Carey really give Bryan Tanaka $25,000 a month so he can lavish her with presents? That’s the latest claim from Life & Style. But is it true? Gossip Cop investigates this money-for-gifts allegation.

According to the magazine, Carey is worth approximately $520,000 million, while Tanaka is “nowhere near that.” Still, the publication contends, the singer’s figured out a way for her dancer friend to spoil her. “Mariah gives Bryan $25,000 a month so he can buy her gifts,” a so-called “source” tells the tabloid. “She doesn’t care that he’s using her money to do it,” adds the alleged insider.

The outlet then notes how Carey’s ex-fiance, billionaire James Packer, used to blow through cash for her presents. Carey, contends the magazine’s “source,” simply wants “the same treatment from Bryan.” Mostly, though, claims the tabloid, the singer enjoys “opening gifts.”

Arguably, it seems Life & Style left a nice gift for Gossip Cop because the story is completely made up. While it’s true that Tanaka had been on her payroll, there is no such gift stipend. Carey’s rep tell us it’s “not true” that she’s fronting him big bucks to buy her presents.

Gossip Cop was initially suspicious of this article because the tabloid has been caught on several occasions printing verifiably untrue stories about them. Three months ago, for example, we busted the outlet when it absurdly reported Carey was engaged to Tanaka. Curiously, the magazine never referred to the two as engaged in its latest story.

It’s also the same publication Gossip Cop called out when it bizarrely alleged Carey bought Tanaka a life-size doll of herself. By the outlet’s own account, wouldn’t have Tanaka picked that up with the $25,000 a month he purportedly receives from Carey? Of course, none of those stories were true, and neither is the new report about Carey funneling a fortune to Tanaka so he can buy her gifts.

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