Mariah Carey “Live With Kelly” Video: Singer Wears Lingerie On Talk Show

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Mariah Carey Live Kelly Video

By Shari Weiss |

Mariah Carey Live Kelly Video

(Pawel Kaminski, Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution)

Mariah Carey wore lingerie on Monday’s “Live With Kelly.” She had good reason, though. Kelly Ripa and co-host Jussie Smollett were having a pajama party! Watch below!

Ripa and Smollett both took the stage on Memorial Day’s pre-taped episode in button-down pajamas. Ripa actually paired hers with high heels, and she and Smollett did a little dance before taking their seats, much like the duo did when the “Empire” star guest-hosted earlier this month. “We look like we’re real crazy,” Smollett stated afterward.

Ripa cracked, “I thought everyone was gonna wear their PJs! I must’ve misread the memo!” But Smollett went on to reveal it was actually Carey’s idea for them to dress down. He impersonated the superstar saying, “Darling, it’s so early in the morning. We have to give them a pajama festive moment.”

And when Carey came out, she strutted in front of the audience in a blue negligee paired with a matching mini robe. Like Ripa, she was wearing heels too, and Smollett even bowed down to greet her. “You’re looking so festive and gorgeous,” he told her, and she in turned called the pair “two of my favorite people.”

“It’s so early in the morning, I don’t know how you guys do it,” Carey declared. Looking at the singer’s sexy lingerie, though, Ripa exclaimed, “You guys, I totally got the memo wrong!” Carey was quick to clarify that she was wearing shorts underneath the skimpy top, but she did go on to flash something: her engagement ring!

Ripa quipped, “That’s like an ice skating rink!” As the segment went on, Smollett amusingly revealed his Carey devotion by showing off a (faux) tattoo of her on his chest. Not to be outdone, Ripa had one on her arm, but Smollett then showed he had one of his co-host, too, on the other side of his chest.

Of course, Ripa had one of him, as well, and Carey actually exclaimed, “I hate you guys, because I would’ve been involved in this! I like this duo.” Later in the interview, the trio played a game in which Carey had to guess her hits just based on Ripa and Smollett’s humming. Check out the full video below!


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