Mariah Carey Hopes Kim Kardashian Dumps Kanye West So She Can Date Him?

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Side by side shots of Mariah Carey on the red carpet and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the red carpet

By Andrew Shuster |

Side by side shots of Mariah Carey on the red carpet and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the red carpet

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Mariah Carey hopes Kim Kardashian dumps Kanye West because she wants to date him? That’s the ridiculous premise in one of the tabloids this week. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Back in September, West performed a gospel version of Carey’s song My All during one of his Sunday Services. Carey praised the rendition on Twitter, and later told TMZ she wants to incorporate the church choir aspects of the song into her upcoming Christmas concerts. According to NW, the situation has also “kick-started a flirty exchange” between the two musicians.

“Mariah’s attracted to Kanye, plain and simple,” a supposed insider tells the magazine. “She loves his cockiness, his confidence and his music. She’s always said she could turn any man’s head and that includes his.” From there, the unknown source claims Carey and West already “hooked up back in the day.” The outlet doesn’t give an actual time frame of when it supposedly happened. “It’s one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets, so Kim never got wind of it,” says the alleged tipster. So, how exactly did an Australian tabloid “get wind” of one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood?

Still, the questionable source predicts that Carey will spill the beans about her “secret affair” with West in her upcoming memoir. “Mariah will revel in sharing about her bedroom antics with Kanye,” adds the supposed insider. “If it causes a rift between him and Kim, so be it. It may even result in him needing a shoulder to cry on – and she’ll be right there.” The tipster further maintains that West and Kardashian could split at any moment. “It’s becoming clearer by the day that they’re running on fumes. Everyone can see it, including Mariah. And if Kanye runs into her arms, all the better for it.”

At no point does the magazine mention that Carey has been dating dancer Bryan Tanaka for several years. The singer’s boyfriend attended her family’s Thanksgiving celebration in late November. On Sunday, Tanaka joined Carey and her two young kids for dinner in New York City. The singer is in a committed relationship. It’s pretty bizarre for the tabloid to leave out that very important tidbit.

Regardless, Gossip Cop ran the story by a source close to Carey, who confirms it’s all nonsense. In reality, NW spends a lot of time trying to break up Kardashian and West. The tabloid is now arbitrarily using Carey to do it. Just last month, we busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Kardashian feared West was going to “snap” and “kill her” at any moment. Prior to that, the magazine claimed Kardashian was walking out on West and taking their kids with her. This latest article is more fiction.


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