Mariah Carey Canceled Tour To Avoid James Packer?

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Mariah Carey Australian Tour

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Mariah Carey Australian Tour

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Did Mariah Carey cancel her tour to avoid James Packer? The singer was set to perform in Australia and New Zealand, but a new report claims she backed out because of her Australian ex-fiancé. Gossip Cop looked into the story.

In October, Carey was expected to perform four shows in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. But earlier this month, it was announced the tour dates were canceled, with the singer saying in a statement, “It is with much regret that I am unable to visit Australia & New Zealand later this year, however I promise to find new dates soon. I’ve been working away on new music and I cannot wait to share it with you later this year.”

Now NW is declaring in a headline, “Mimi Ditches Oz To Avoid Ex!” The tabloid alleges the decision to call off the concerts had “to do with her fear of running into Packer.” A so-called “pal” is quoted as saying, “She’ll do anything to avoid a one-on-one with James because they ended so badly.” Contends this purport friend, “It’s kind of crazy, but she’s nothing if not dramatic. And the word is she’s convinced a run-in would be unavoidable if she heads Down Under.”

Of course, “the word is” is one of those classic phrases that indicates to readers that the magazine’s source, in this case a supposed “pal,” doesn’t have any firsthand knowledge or confirmation to back up what’s being claimed. He or she is relying on what “the word is,” which is typically speculation, hearsay and rumor. On top of that red flag, let’s look at these contentions logically.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population in Australia as of December 2017 was more than 24 million. But the outlet wants readers to believe that despite all those people, and the brief time Carey will be spending in the country, she canceled her concerts because she could “run into” Packer. But even if she did, why would they end up in a “one-on-one” situation? Carey travels with an entourage. That was even confirmed last year when Lionel Richie talked about touring together.

Additionally, if Packer is based in Australia, what does that have to do with Carey performing in New Zealand? And what, is the music icon never going to travel Down Under ever again because Packer lives in Sydney? None of these allegations make sense. What actually makes sense is the explanation that was already given: The tour was canceled due to scheduling conflicts. A spokesperson for Carey also tells Gossip Cop on the record that the notion she pulled out of the dates due to the possibility of seeing Packer is “completely laughable.”


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