Mariah Carey “Engaged To Bryan Tanaka” Story Is Fake News

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Mariah Carey engaged Bryan Tanaka

By Shari Weiss |

Mariah Carey engaged Bryan Tanaka

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Mariah Carey is NOT engaged to Bryan Tanaka, and a misleading story presenting the false idea should be dismissed as fake news. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s going on.

On Friday, HollywoodLife wrote in a headline, “Mariah Carey Flashes New Ring: Engaged To Bryan Tanaka After James Packer Split?” The accompanying story asserted, “This may be the fastest rebound of all time! Mariah Carey was photographed wearing a massive sparkler on her left ring finger while out on Dec. 15, leading fans to speculate if she’s already gotten engaged to her new man, Bryan Tanaka.”

“The revelation of the new bling comes just weeks after Mariah was seen packing on the PDA with her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka, and less than two months after it was revealed that she’d ended her engagement to James Packer after less than a year,” stated the site.

But it was only at the very end of the third paragraph that HollywoodLies admitted the truth, writing, “Take a close look at the jewelry, though: It’s actually that same sparkler that James gave her last January!” In other words, Carey did NOT “flash [a] new ring,” nor is there any “revelation” about “new bling.”

The bad blog purposefully crafted a deceptive story about Carey being engaged to Tanaka and wearing a new engagement ring, even though it KNEW the singer was just wearing the same bauble she’s sported for months. Other outlets rightly reported in a straight-forward manner that Carey had stepped out with the ring despite her breakup with Packer. But this webloid decided to instead manufacture fake news about an engagement to Tanaka. As always, HollywoodLife continues to be part of the problem.

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Mariah Carey is engaged to Bryan Tanaka and wearing a new engagement ring.


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